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large metal container in which coal or charcoal is burned


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"The fossilised 'babies' we found are all less than three centimetres long and are often as small as six millimetres; many times smaller than the 'parent' forms, seen in neighbouring areas, which can reach up to two metres in length," the Daily Mail quoted Professor Martin Brasier of Oxford University's Department of Earth Sciences, one of the authors of the report, as saying.
Prof Brasier, who is due to address the conference at Reading University, said: "De-spite checks by the authorities, inevitably, exotic pests and diseases slip through.
"These are absolutely unequivocal," says Brasier. "An awful lot of what we get out of the Ediacaran fauna and the Cambrian explosion doesn't have any clear relative today and is very paradoxical."
But proteomics technologies are changing the landscape and these studies are the first step toward a personalized approach to treating dengue infection," said Brasier.
Driver Brasier, 53, of Llandyssul, Ceredigion, admitted wilfully obstructing the highway.
Rob says the show biz couple Keith would most like to see sailing off into the sunset together to live happily ever after would be Big Brother contestant Jade Goody and her former partner Jeff Brasier.
A geochemical fingerprint could come to the rescue, says Martin Brasier of Oxford University in England, one of the committee members.
Ainsi, en faisant fi des appels de la communaute internationale et de toutes les resolutions onusiennes, le president de la plus grande puissance mondiale n'est-il pas, encore une fois, en train d'attiser un brasier fumant prompt a ravager un monde en ebullition ?
Her father, Hubert Brasier, was killed in a car crash and, just a few months later, her mother, Zaidee, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, also died.
Le sentiment d'injustice predomine dans un brasier ravive par la mort du jeune poissonnier en quete de pitance et coupable de la vente de l'espadon dont la peche est interdite.
CARE STAFF: From left, Colin Fahy, Anna Brasier, Mary Holt and Alison Brown
Police chiefs last week admitted their "incompetence" in a letter to Cheryle, adding that they put her children at risk by not passing information about Brasier between forces.
Martin Brasier, Richard Matthewman, and Sean McMahon, University of Oxford and David Wacey, University of Western Australia, argue that pumice has "four remarkable properties" that would enable it to have had "a significant role in the origin of life and provided an important habitat for the earliest communities of micro organisms".