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in a brash cheeky manner

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Grier brashly sought out both women and lesbian literature in the 1940s, a time when such activities were illegal.
He has questioned the loyalty of Israel's 1948 Palestinian minority and brashly confronted Israel's foreign critics.
Joshua Jackson ("The Affair") is brashly endearing as Brian, a gifted neuroscientist working on a study to prove that all white people are inherently racist.
In their previous issue, which followed Swansea's 3-0 Liberty Stadium thrashing by Arsenal at the end of October, Jack Swan produced a front page brashly declaring: "If either of the following things happen this season, I will donate a front cover to Cardiff City and let their fans choose the cover...
Each brashly claims it has originated selling copy based on a specific motivator ...
At once brashly new and also old, the company draws its name from Joris-Karl Huysman's 1884 novel A reborns, often thought the starting point of the type of zany modernism seen more directly in the works of Alfred Jarry and the later Dadaist artists.
Mencken: "No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people." From the outset, after unveiling his immigration platform, Trump stated brashly "all illegal immigrants must go." All 12 million of them!
So while this pilot boasts flashbacks, bad country and western and even a cameo from East 17's Brian Harvey, it's Conaty's own brashly unsinkable personality that pulls it all together.
He was ushered away from this fixture with his dignity in a thousand shreds, his pride lacerated by a man who brashly epitomises everything Wenger deplores in the game.
The 2012 Spellbound Petite Sirah from California (about $14 at supermarkets and elsewhere) is a lush and lusty, brashly fruit-forward example of its kind.
The brashly rendered, simplistic pictures are magnificently effusive with the joy of a young dog at play and discovery.
So what to call the music that blasts brashly from the confines of the Welsh sextet's new album Weapons?
As it happens, there is a mosque, yards away, which does not stand out ostentatiously and brashly as does Sherman Cymru.
The second installment in the Deviants series finds Emily Webb facing more questions than answers: Why does she change from mousy "Daytime" Emily to brashly assertive "Nighttime" Emily to frightening "Werewolf" Emily?