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Synonyms for brash

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Synonyms for brash

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Synonyms for brash

offensively bold


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The film's brashest innovation -- English-speaking cows, and a few other animated elements -- brings an aspect of "fun" to the film that is quite alien to most discussions of Israel's occupation of Palestine.
Describing a more contemporary harnessing of the unexpected, Deleuze continues: "the corporation constantly presents the brashest rivalry as a healthy form of emulation, an excellent motivation force." (6) We see this shift from "mobilization" to "motivation" as a progressive reduction of the unexpected by first centralized, then decentralized, now distributed apparatuses.
"Magic Mike'' -- This was the brashest announcement of McConaughey's new boldness.
At rest, its black wings are streaked with white tiger stripes, but once disturbed the Jersey Tiger reveals a whirr of crimson - equally as dramatic as anything produced by the brashest of British butterflies.
(68) By mid-2012, only the brashest of lawyers could relish arguing to a federal judge that the manifestation rule was an invasive species foreign to Florida.
Deleuze observes that while "the factory was a body that contained its internal forces at the level of equilibrium, the highest possible in terms of production, the lowest possible in terms of wages", a society of control works more deeply to impose a modulation of each salary and presents the "brashest rivalry" as an "excellent motivational force".
The brashest of Paul's positions--the immediate cutting off of aid, the major downsizing of military bases, the imposition of significant congressional authority--will likely never become U.S.
Delivering the closing speech on Saturday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, Cruz - who in three months has earned a reputation as one of the brashest new members of Congress - told an eager audience that conservatives may have turned a corner.
Show hosts Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are ready to send themselves up in a fun-filled fourpart series as they attempt to tutor some of Britain's brightest and brashest comedians.
Neil Patrick Harris hosted the evening's celebrations, with the opening line, "Welcome to the 66th annual Tony Awards, or as we like to call it, '50 Shades of Gay.'" Harris went on to showcase this year's biggest and brashest Broadway hits, including smash-success "The Book of Mormon."
Being called Humble in the biggest and brashest state in one of the biggest and surely the brashest nation in the world is no mean feat, particularly when you play host to a top-notch PGA tour event, the Houston Open, which is quite something to shout about.
Yes, the dead do sweat, know fatigue in its brashest moods.
"Zoe Whittall might just possibly be the cockiest, brashest, funniest, toughest, most life-affirming, elegant, scruffy, no-holds-barred writer to emerge from Montreal since Mordecai Richler."--The Globe and Mail