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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Ten years later, the ROM purchased an oil painting of John Brant from one of his descendants.
Our oil portrait of John Brant (1794-1832) has an unusual history in that it was painted for, and remained with, the Brant family until it was acquired by the ROM.
Stone (1792-1844) reported seeing the John Brant portrait when he visited the Brant home in 1836.
Jane Kerby, the last family member to own the paintings, was the great-granddaughter of Joseph Brant and a great-great-granddaughter of Sir William Johnson.
Joseph Brant was in his mid-teens when he saw his first action about 120 miles north east of Canajoharie at the Battle of Lake George, a long thin lake at the base of the Adirondack Mountains in northern New York.
Joseph Brant matured into a Native warrior over a succession of battles: with Johnson again at the Battle of Fort Niagara in 1757, and in 1760 with Sir Jeffery Amherst as he placed a siege on Montreal.
Following Niagara and Montreal, Brant had come to Johnson's attention as being agile in mind and body.
Brant had planned to go to New York City to continue his studies at the highly regarded King's College, but instead was called home by Johnson.
Johnson oversaw the Indian council at Niagara, resplendent in full Iroquois regalia, and Brant was very impressed at the positive affect of this gesture.
The American had witnessed Brant, who had adopted Johnson's habit of mixing British and Mohawk garb, in the presence of prisoners:
By the end of the decade, though, Brant had become a widower.
Colonel Guy Johnson was temperamentally and physically Joseph's lesser: he was obstinate, short, pudgy, and topped with a powdered wig; Brant was garrulous, tall, patrician in bearing, and kept his head partially shaved and feathered.
Brant Studio Tour artists are giving an advance peek with a group show that kicked off Sept.