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small dark geese that breed in the north and migrate southward

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Brant has been donating his time, energy, experience and intellect to the causes and organizations he is passionate about.
Cllr Kemp yesterday published his thoughts on the matter in a blog post addressed to Mr Brant.
This item will provide the funds necessary to work with the Region and provide a multi-use path on the south side of Dundas St from Brant St to the new City Park.
Those are the exact instructions veteran New Jersey brant hunter Eric Sweiderk gave me and four fellow brant virgins on a cool, clear morning last December.
15 it paid $7,689,000 to Telephone City Aggregates for 110 acres between Rest Acres, Bethel, and Pottruff roads, across from the Bethel water treatment plant and the Brant 403 Business Park.
Brant, a longstanding heroin addict, never met the officer in person but had been involved in the supply through another man.
In the concluding chapters Logusz makes the case that Joseph Brant led an attack on Oneida Village and dispatched women and children.
Ten years later, the ROM purchased an oil painting of John Brant from one of his descendants.
It was at Mill Hill Hospital in Dalton on that fateful 1939 day that Mr Brant, of Moldgreen, met a young nurse called Catherine Senior.
Each year, thousands of Pacific Black Brant (Branta bernicla nigricans; hereafter Brant) migrate to the Teshekpuk Lake Special Area (TLSA), on the Arctic Coastal Plain of Alaska, where they undergo flightless wing molt (Derksen et al.
NEW YORKAuThe head of a water buffalo, a blue Marilyn by Andy Warhol and various polo awards are among the trophies with which Peter Brant has decorated the library in his Greenwich, Conn.
Kayhan said this was written "recently" by Brant "in his memoirs.
Bus and Jacque Brant of Eugene will celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary with a family dinner.
Brant was a respected authority on coal resource mapping, mine drainage, coal mine pollution abatement, and shoreline erosion.