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broken husks of the seeds of cereal grains that are separated from the flour by sifting

food prepared from the husks of cereal grains

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However,the group of rats fed on maize bran diet had a significantly (p85% protein###200.
Wheat bran and Maize bran diets prepared after the modification of Purified Diet AIN-93G
First, all brans were mixed into 90% lean ground beef to form patties at 5% bran levels.
The brans significantly decreased levels of CML compared to the control.
Rice is categorized into seven classes based on bran color: white, light brown, speckled brown, brown, red, variable purple, and purple.
Rice bran, an outer layer of whole grain rice, is a rich source of the phytochemical known as gamma-oryzanol and of two forms of vitamin E--the tocopherols and the tocotrienols.
Also, the government doesn't let labels count bran as a whole grain, but we count it.
The core objective of current research is to explore the functional properties of diets containing raw and processed oat bran to combat lifestyle disorders i.
Although the product color and aroma improved as rice and wheat bran content increased, high levels of brans caused the crust to brown and the crumb to become very firm.
We found that bran seems to lower the risk of heart disease more strongly than whole grains," says researcher Eric Rimm the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston.
James Anderson of the University of Kentucky Medical College, oat bran has emerged in study after study as a near "wonder grain" in the treatment of diabetes.
It's flavored with just enough cane juice, honey, and fruit juice concentrate to give it a tad over one teaspoon of sugar per serving, the same as a bowl of Post Bran Flakes.
You've got white and rye, whole wheat and pumpernickel, oat bran and oatmeal.
For a while, it seemed like consumers couldn't get enough oat bran.