brandy glass

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a globular glass with a small top

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Hannah - fag usually in one hand, brandy glass sometimes in the other and a joke always on her lips - had the best one-liners of anyone in the show.
12 1/2ml lemon juice Method: Warm up a brandy glass and pouserv add 50ml hot (but not boiling) water.
Champagne flutes and saucers are now out and the description that took several sentences described a shape like a tall brandy glass, actually the shape used in Cognac.
Combining the Christmas classics, Advocaat and cinnamon, this frothy treat is served in a brandy glass and garnished with a cinnamon stick.
3 French Hens 25ml Appleton Estate VX rum, 50ml Advocaat (egg liqueur), 15ml Kahlua Shake and strain, and serve in a brandy glass frape, then garnish with a cinnamon stick.
The 1000 Brown M&Ms in a Brandy Glass award for best rider Insider's spies reveal that clean living James Morrison asked for organic food, no GM food and for two sinks.
I get so upset by what I read in the papers," he said forlornly, reaching for his brandy glass.
On behalf of my company, I was presented with a large brandy glass suitably engraved by the race sponsors 'Standard Life', which was in addition to the prize-money.
Naughty moments shared with a slice of Italian pannetone or Parisian-style macaroons will taste even more wicked if you reach for a brandy glass.
The Insider's spies managed a sneaky peek at their requests, but forget 1,000 brown M&Ms in a brandy glass.
Her family paintings join other fine works of art when the Whittakers have their sale on July 12 at their home, Cubberley, near Ross-on-Wye, when Sotheby's will be selling all kinds of things from silver plated brandy glass warmers to early silver apostle spoons.
Add another 20 years and you could almost imagine the maroon smoking jacket and pipe, the brandy glass to hand, the snoozing Labrador at his feet.
When Stan Mellor suggested one Paris evening that perhaps the George Cinq was a rather expensive hotel to stay in when all racing had been frozen off for a week, Mouldy just swirled the brandy glass, blew out the cigar smoke and said: "They can't expect us to live like bleedin' paupers.