brandy glass

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a globular glass with a small top

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* Traditionally, Armagnac is served in a brandy glass at the end of a meal; it is often paired with chocolate, fruit desserts, coffee, and cigars.
I LOOKED up at him from the low wingback chair that had all the hallmarks of Francis's favoured spot - his pipe paraphernalia and dirty brandy glass were within arm's-reach from where he could admire and deconstruct a work in progress.
12 1/2ml lemon juice Method: Warm up a brandy glass and pouserv add 50ml hot (but not boiling) water.
There's no diva demands for kittens, puppies and 1000 brown M&Ms in a brandy glass. No, she just likes a nice brew.
Champagne flutes and saucers are now out and the description that took several sentences described a shape like a tall brandy glass, actually the shape used in Cognac.
Combining the Christmas classics, Advocaat and cinnamon, this frothy treat is served in a brandy glass and garnished with a cinnamon stick.
"Try this," Barbara handed his a brandy glass. "This might help settle your stomach."
The victim, said Mr Bosomworth, was waiting outside the pub for someone else to come out when, as a result of the rumours, and apparently in a case of mistaken identity, Duffy attacked him with a brandy glass in his hand.
"I get so upset by what I read in the papers," he said forlornly, reaching for his brandy glass. "I'm so sensitive to what I read.
One of these was at Cheltenham, when a lovely horse called Dew won the Standard Life Handicap Hurdle (October 22, 1986.) On behalf of my company, I was presented with a large brandy glass suitably engraved by the race sponsors 'Standard Life', which was in addition to the prize-money.
She ended up throwing a coffee over him, while he responded by tossing the contents of his brandy glass in her face, before his bodyguard Dai woke up and, assuming his boss was being attacked, pinned one of the cabin crew to the floor and refused to get off him until the plane landed.
Naughty moments shared with a slice of Italian pannetone or Parisian-style macaroons will taste even more wicked if you reach for a brandy glass. Try Remy Martin Coeur de Cognac (pounds 37.99, 70cl, selected Sainsbury''s & Tesco) which is blended for fruitiness rather than ageing.
The 1000 Brown M&Ms in a Brandy Glass award for best rider Insider's spies reveal that clean living James Morrison asked for organic food, no GM food and for two sinks.
For this puzzle you could use an olive or any other round object small enough to fit in a brandy glass. Place the olive on a table, sit the glass next to it, and say the challenge is to get the olive into the glass without touching it, blowing it or tilting the table.