yellow water lily

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a water lily with yellow flowers

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When asked for an explanation as to why identical fingerprints to his were found on a brandy bottle, he said: "They are not mine, sir".
Which of these cities is the most northerly - brandy bottle label?
Though The New Generation wound up in remainder bins and Kaufman inside a brandy bottle, nothing could erase the achievement from his life.
It's enough to make you reach for the brandy bottle.
Doherty and Wolfe were charged with drug offences when footage seized by police showed all three smoking crack cocaine on a "small, adapted brandy bottle" at a flat in Hackney, east London.
Catch him early on and he would be pleasant enough, but after a game he would just disappear into his office with the brandy bottle."
Father supervised, guarded the brandy bottle and kept as much peace and goodwill between me and three over-excited children as he dared - though if tension had to be diffused with an odd clipped ear, he let me do it.
The gamblers with wacky names are played by Rowan Morrison (Nicely-Nicely Johnson), Peter Mantey (Benny Southstreet), Peter Hollens (Rusty Charlie), Donald Kelly (Harry the Horse), Patrick Torelle (Big Jule), Jonathan Matthews (Angie the Ox), Larry Maltz (Society Max), Brandon Finch (Scranton Slim), Stephan Nance (Dave the Dude), Carl Keller (The Greek), Marco Davis (Louis the Lips) and Billy Nelson (Brandy Bottle Bates).
JUSTIN Bieber was filmed drinking from a brandy bottle and pouring its contents across the stage during a live performance.
"I didn't have time to learn the lines so I wrote them on the back of a brandy bottle and played a completely squiffy fairy," she says.
She launched an attack on Mrs Cooper in the street, hitting her over the head with a brandy bottle and causing a wound that required stitches.
Gail Chick, office manager at The Gallery, is keeping her eyes on the silk-lined box which holds the brandy bottle, topped with a 24-carat gold lid.
Harold Wilson is another Prime Minister more readily linked with pipe smoking than a glass yet he was more than capable of downing pints and especially later, taking it out of the brandy bottle.
There are major problems with a stuffed cat and bewilderment about how the brandy bottle has managed to remain almost full despite some sterling quaffing.
Can we envisage an essay on Churchill which, while recognising his wartime greatness, referred also to his excessive fondness for the whisky and brandy bottle?