yellow water lily

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a water lily with yellow flowers

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I didn't have time to learn the lines so I wrote them on the back of a brandy bottle and played a completely squiffy fairy," she says.
She launched an attack on Mrs Cooper in the street, hitting her over the head with a brandy bottle and causing a wound that required stitches.
Gail Chick, office manager at The Gallery, is keeping her eyes on the silk-lined box which holds the brandy bottle, topped with a 24-carat gold lid.
Cook was often drunk, his ex-wife said, and once she found him passed out on the dining room floor with a brandy bottle in his hand.
He said that he smashed a brandy bottle and armed himself with it as a weapon.
There are major problems with a stuffed cat and bewilderment about how the brandy bottle has managed to remain almost full despite some sterling quaffing.
She told me he had been drinking before the collapse and she found a brandy bottle from which he had been drinking.
It's enough to have Bet reaching for the brandy bottle.
A brandy bottle or champagne bottle is used because they have upturned bottoms.
Measuring out his life in gulps from a brandy bottle, taking a swing at a photographer here and a woman there.
But Miss Scarlet really is supposed to be a scarlet woman, Mrs White is Dr Black's cook who prefers the brandy bottle.
She said: ``I leave a brandy bottle on the bar and when I give my regulars their change, they see the bottle.
Alas, later in the afternoon, I found him flat out on the dining room floor with a brandy bottle.
It was turning into the worst Christmas ever and he reached for the last brandy bottle to pour himself a snort and calm his shredded nerves when a loud bang on the door caused him to jump and drop the bottle - which smashed on the floor.
Long live our side," cried an elderly peasant woman, swinging a brandy bottle as she stood next to the wing section of the F-117A Stealth aircraft.