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I am sure, on the other hand, that he was acutely miserable; and he betrayed his sufferings by a perfectly silly and undignified access of temper, during which he broke his pipe in several pieces, threw his brandy and water in the fire, and employed words which were very plain although the drift of them was somewhat vague.
There's very little brandy in it, sir," he said, turning it downwards over the glass, as he held it before the window; "hardly this little glassful.
All that they possessed, including some wondrous brandy, was placed at the absolute disposition of Dirkovitch, and he enjoyed himself hugely - even more than among the Black Tyrones.
Drank a little brandy each, and huddled ourselves together, each wrapped up in his blanket, to keep ourselves alive.
If he had thoughts at all, they hung around that brandy bottle.
Eagerly he thrust his hand into one of the leather pockets and drew out a flask of brandy.
I found the bottle of brandy in the place indicated, but no liqueur-glass in the backgammon-board.
In the meantime, get him to bed, and to rest; and don't be afraid of giving him brandy.
After sealing the envelope, he emptied his glass of brandy and water; and waited, looking through the open door.
Shuan sitting at the table, with the brandy bottle and a tin pannikin in front of him.
In that instant she put a rouge-pot, a brandy bottle, and a plate of broken meat into the bed, gave one smooth to her hair, and finally let in her visitor.
But though Stepan Arkadyevitch was accustomed to very different dinners, he thought everything excellent: the herb brandy, and the bread, and the butter, and above all the salt goose and the mushrooms, and the nettle soup, and the chicken in white sauce, and the white Crimean wine-- everything was superb and delicious.
Sleary, stirring and drinking his brandy and water as he stood, went on:
The turnkey, opening the door, disclosed in a wretched, ill- smelling little room, two hoarse, puffy, red-faced personages seated at a rickety table, playing at all-fours, smoking pipes, and drinking brandy.
Sikes pouring out a glass of brandy, bade the Jew drink it off.