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implement used to brand live stock


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From its origin as a branding iron (or a bottle of steak sauce) to its end as a Martian hill, the mesa was refused recognition of its own volcanic identity.
If you wear out lots of stamps because you build lots of WPM, order a branding iron from the USAMC LOGSA PSCC.
Strike branding involves a branding iron being made to a specific design, heated and then pressed against the skin.
I'm sipping a pint in the former torture chamber of Ireland's Ashford Castle and it has to be said that standards have slipped since the days of thumbscrews and branding irons. Because, three pints later, I'm singing along adding my own garbled words and enjoying every minute of it.
Justin and Gwen Ragsdale's private collection of slavery artifacts, including authentic slave shackles, chains, whips, branding irons and other items that were used to restrain and punish enslaved Africans.
Among the items in the sale is a probing, an 8ft long leather tube used for clearing blockages in horses' throats; a cashcrom, a tool for digging stony ground; an ogramore, a scythe-like tool for trimming the sides of stacks; an oil cake breaker; a backcan, a portable milking device; a dog stick, an early type of handbrake to prevent carts rolling back downhill; a strickle, an early type of sandpaper; fleams for bloodletting; branding irons and horse shoe pads.
Hunched over the fire, Wayne shoved the branding irons deep under
WHEN they displeased Caligula, men of honorable rank were disfigured with branding irons and condemned to the mines.
Our bedrooms were covered with pictures of horses, covered wagons, round-ups and branding irons fashioned from cardboard.
Before my gate is stormed by villagers wielding branding irons, let me explain why.
And it's not just the automakers that are heating up their branding irons. As A/has reported, supplier branding is becoming a means to make new vehicles more distinctive in the marketplace.
The museum showcases more than 20,000 arrowheads, plus branding irons, antique bottles and guns, fossils, two-headed calves, eight-legged pigs and 1,000 paintings by Sioux Indian Princess Raven Wing, an employee at the tower in the 1920s.
And based as it is on not one, but two Bonanno family-written books--dad Joe's "A Man of Honor: The Autobiography of Joseph Bonanno" and son Bill's "Bound by Honor"--the main notion that "A Godfather's Story" imparts is that Joe Bonanno --and by extension his son Bill, who is listed as an exec producer --are as close to white knights as men who order cold-blooded hits and torture their enemies with branding irons can be.
The traditional and the hi-tech meet at the Zenchiku Ranch, where computers sit side by side with branding irons.