branding iron

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implement used to brand live stock


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The Branding Iron of the Year award honors members that serve as outstanding Ambassadors for the Chamber.
Once you're WPM certified, contact LOGSA PSCC for information on stamps, stencils and branding irons.
Ultimately, Governor Schweitzer will determine which bills will become law and which ones will be stamped with his VETO branding iron.
Once a wanderer on behalf of Bolton, avenging that 5-1 humiliation must burn like a branding iron into bare flesh.
The verb was used to mean the marking of cattle with a branding iron.
A scene burned into its stock (with a branding iron for sure) had Red Ryder and his sidekick Little Beaver riding hell-bent for leather, no doubt in pursuit of bad guys who wore black hats and spent a lot of time tying innocent maidens to railroad tracks.
However, the metal branding iron gets cold enough to give the fish a mild case of frostbite in less than two seconds.
There are many exhibits linked to the slave trade including a branding iron.
In another example, 12% of the teens had seen, "Gangs of New York," in which a graphic scene portrays a character being beaten and tortured with a branding iron.
Charlie Hughes, former head of Land Rover and Mazda, and William Jeanes, a veteran auto journalist, feel they deliver that advice in Branding Iron, a book about the devaluing of American auto brands, the pitfalls of following conventional wisdom, and the need to build a world class brand in an overbranded world.
I bent and reached into the fire to grab a branding iron to use in self-defense.
Has branding iron attached to weapon instead of bayonet
Burt's The Branding Iron (1919)--change our current understanding
There's more of them around than you can shake a branding iron at.
The slave trade is also explored through a selection of sometimes harrowing photographs: a coffle chain with shackles, the Cape Coast dungeon doors in Ghana, and a slave branding iron.