branding iron

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implement used to brand live stock


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Accolades continue to accumulate for the Branding Iron Restaurant in Merced, California, winner of the Independent National Beef Backer Award.
Dads like Charles Ingalls -- A fly-fishing rod, an engraved pocket knife, a CarHartt Work Jacket, a Custom Branding Iron with his initials for his herd -- or his steaks
Construction of the 1,500-room Opryland Hotel Texas is underway after a Texas-style groundbreaking ceremony featuring a 3,000-pound branding iron and an old-fashioned barn-raising.
Hogan, Sacramento resident and District Conservationist for USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service in Woodland, received the award, a Rocking YLT branding iron, during the Yolo Land Trust's 12th annual "Day in the Country
A crane suspended a 3,000-pound branding iron above the wood, which had been laid flat on the ground.
THE desire for revenge will burn as fiercely as a branding iron plunged into the very soul of every Sunderland player and fan when the Black Cats are let loose among the Magpies in the pursuit of local pride.
In 1977, he added the Branding Iron on Franklin Boulevard to his holdings.
The titles say it all: Underwater Kitty, Herman Hz: Sound Detective and Ele-phant Falling itself all conjure cartoon or filmic images, distantly inspired by the music of John Zorn or Ennio Morricone, but mostly singed by Purnell's own branding iron.
Open mouth, one with a branding iron in search of a
Give to the Foundation now, before Tommy comes after you with, oh, a harpoon, or a branding iron.
In turn, Mr Noseda will have instructed his blacksmith to make a new branding iron that imprints the legend "not too far" somewhere on young Adrian Nicholls' anatomy.
Strike branding involves a branding iron being made to a specific design, heated and then pressed against the skin.
Ljotur grabs the branding iron and thrusts it between Boddi's legs with all his might.
Scholarship Sponsors: Branding Iron Worldwide, Showcast, Quickflix and Qantas.