branding iron

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implement used to brand live stock


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A century later, long after the branded cows had been eaten and their leather had worn out and the cowboys had died and their branding irons had been melted down and ranchers had realized that the grasslands at more than 7,000 feet weren't the best for grazing, the volcano was still branded with the name A-1.
earnshaw, who also rode Whitbread Gold Cup winner by The Way and the ill-fated branding iron for Feather, grew up just a couple of miles down the road and said: "she was a massive influence on my career.
Whitman was recognized with the highest honors for Man of the Year, Branding Iron of the Year and Community Award for Outstanding Service.
Interestingly, Piatote takes up James McWhorter and Mourning Dove's collaboration in the writing of Cogewea, using a scene in which the title character claims she will wield the branding iron while her white suitor wrangles" in order to argue that it parallels the author's actual relationship with McWhorter: "while McWhorter wrangled words, Mourning Dove was more than using a brandin' iron--she was the brandin' iron.
Even the name of local newspaper, the Laramie Branding Iron, fits the image.
The eclectic collection consists of many boxes, several display cases, a small Victorian traveling trunk, a large 19th century Lancaster-manufactured water pump, a century-old branding iron from the Lancaster Town Poor Farm, books, numerous documents, photographs, advertisement ephemera, etc., an enamel-style seating table from the original Bridge Diner, a local resident's prohibition-era copper stovetop still, and other objects small and large.
| Retro Calculator, PS8.99, 3 PLEASED TO MEAT YOU PERSONALISE your steaks with this amazing BBQ Branding Iron. Invite your friends over - should we ever see the sun again - and have a laugh over with what messages you burn into your rumps.
You're probably referring to the Branding Iron Charcoal Broiler, 579 E.
The tension burned in Le Clos's brain like a red hot branding iron.
My spine is his branding iron that sears red-hot through
The name burned Christian like a branding iron. Over the years, Christian had lost This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape to DiCaprio," Cheung wrote.
If you wear out lots of stamps because you build lots of WPM, order a branding iron from the USAMC LOGSA PSCC.
Ultimately, Governor Schweitzer will determine which bills will become law and which ones will be stamped with his VETO branding iron. In that sense the legislative process is not over, even once the legislators go home.
Once a wanderer on behalf of Bolton, avenging that 5-1 humiliation must burn like a branding iron into bare flesh.
On the eve of the wedding, the parents of the groom hosted a rehearsal dinner at The Branding Iron Steakhouse in Lake.