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It's one of the few brandies that's specifically suggested to enjoy with cola and ice for a deliciously refreshing, yet refined drink.
Although the restaurant is based in bourbon country, it carries a number of brandies on the backbar, including Cognac Pierre Ferrand, Copper & Kings Immature Brandy, Laird's Apple Brandy Bottled in Bond and two piscos-BarSol and Don Benedicto.
These include everything from brandies aged in craft beer barrels, rye whiskey casks and tequila barrels to Geography Bi-Continental Brandewijn, a blending of South African and American brandies.
After only three days of ultrasound shots, the spirits were similar to brandies that have been aged for years.
Monte Bello Syrups and Fruit Brandies are designed to add an indulgent sweetness to coffee and enhance the overall drinking experience.
Living Room barman Conor makes a brandy cocktail Picture: MARTIN BIRCHALL' Some of the brandies on offer at Savina Mexican restaurant, Duke Street
American grape brandy is almost always from California, and lighter coloured, but stronger tasting than most European brandies.
He had something else in mind: to carry on the tradition of distilling and cellaring "alambic" brandies with intensive, traditional distillation techniques that were rapidly fading in the corporate brandy industry.
For local brandies, Co said: 'Emperador brandy continues to lead the domestic market.
Fundador and Terry brandies won a total of 10 gold medals, culminating in Fundador Supremo 18 YO being awarded as the "Best Grape Brandy" at the 2018 Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.
"But in reality, there are beautiful, affordable brandies available, which lend amazing complexity, elegance and character to cocktails--both classics and creative riffs," he notes.
In addition, Oude Molens premium Joseph Barry VS, VSOP and XO Cape brandies won silver medals in the competition.
"Cognac and brandies have a nice following around the holidays," says Jeff Kreston at Kreston Wine & Spirits, with two stores in the Wilmington, Delaware area "It's a nice gift option if people don't know exactly what they are looking for.
Grigoryan said that the sales are growing on all markets and to further boost the demand for ArArAt brandies it is necessary to
* RMS Special Reserve ($29), a blend of older brandies, complex and spicy on the palate;