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For domestic brandies, those are year-round consumers," says Hafer.
Backbar carries about 10 different brandies on its backbar, mostly Cognac, an Armagnac, a Spanish brandy and a few piscos.
And, he said, "Special-edition cognac products continue to outperform the brandy and cognac category, demonstrating the market exists for high-end limited release products like Etude's brandies.
The 80-seat, small-bites spot boasts a staggering selection of about 350 brandies, Cognacs, Armagnacs and piscos.
Usually bottled without being aged, or even seeing the inside of a wood cask, these brandies are edgier and more raw than their refined siblings.
So how can two supreme brandies made in the same country be so different?
During the late 1990s, category sales of brandies and cognacs lost ground to popular favorites such as vodka, rum, tequila and the malts.
And while even in such a pleasure palace as the Bellagio, not every single bar and restaurant stock Cognacs that sell for $375 per glass or more (some are much more), such restaurants as Picasso and Le Cirque do tend to offer the rare, highly-allocated and expensive Cognacs and brandies.
In the greedy '80s, the nicer '90s, and throughout the past decades and centuries, people with good taste have always appreciated eaux-de-vie - those clear, exquisitely perfumed fruit brandies.
The result is a collection of smooth brandies for enjoying straight or mixing into a variety of cocktails.
Korbel's artisan style of brandy production - the finest California grapes, small-lot distillation and careful aging in European-style fire-toasted oak barrels - gives its brandies the elegance, complexity and extra smoothness that have made them consistent award-winners.
The incomparable top-end of the Remy Martin portfolio features XO Sptcial, an assemblage comprised of brandies aged a minimum of 25 years; Extra Perfection, a blend with a minimum age of 35 years; and the world's most recognized ultra-premium spirit, Remy Martin Louis XIII Grande Champagne Cognac, whose youngest brandy registering a half-century in age is priced around $1,500.
Domestic brandies in particular have a strong following in areas like these as well as among African-Americans and other ethnic groups in more urban areas.
Innovative techniques are bringing new brandies to market.
Helena where they distill the brandies for their ports, dessert wines and aperitifs.