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Synonyms for brand-new

not previously used


Synonyms for brand-new

conspicuously new

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In the course of their conversation they fell to discussing what they call State-craft and systems of government, correcting this abuse and condemning that, reforming one practice and abolishing another, each of the three setting up for a new legislator, a modern Lycurgus, or a brand-new Solon; and so completely did they remodel the State, that they seemed to have thrust it into a furnace and taken out something quite different from what they had put in; and on all the subjects they dealt with, Don Quixote spoke with such good sense that the pair of examiners were fully convinced that he was quite recovered and in his full senses.
I've tried war and steeplechasin' and aeroplanes, but this huntin' of beasts that look like a lobster-supper dream is a brand-new sensation.
But Tuskegee is, nevertheless, a brand-new chapter in the history of the Negro, and in the history of the knottiest problem we have ever faced.
ENJOY a test-drive in a brand-new 65 plate or delivery mileage car from today until Monday at Arnold Clark and receive a PS25 restaurant voucher, and if you choose to buy, you'll also be given a two-year service plan completely free.
Buy 2 brand new 18 t trucks with different motor power, KippbrE-cke and winter maintenance equipment for the City of Dresden Lot 1: brand-new truck 18 t - Motor power at least 250 kW and tipper body, WDA, Lot 2: brand-new truck 18 t - Motor power at least 210 kW and.
Barnardos chief executive Fergus Finlay said: "We hope that, through the generosity of retailers who donate unsold brand-new goods to us, we can offer something unique in the low-cost market and contribute substantially to our fundraising income each year.
Filled with classic music and choreography, this story of brand-new love in a brand-new state will entertain the entire family.
Current DVD injection molding and sputtering equipment can be used for BD, but it requires a brand-new mastering process.
I want to see what all of our work accomplished, and really be part of a brand-new ship.
In terms of brand-new technology, something that would not have happened if AGATE hadn't come along, there's not a lot of that happening," admits Stoddard-Hamilton's Henderson.
The DVD features 15 traditional Christmas carols, plus one brand-new "holiday standard," The Magic Tree of Christmas, sung by the Magic Tree himself.
3Delivery of three brand-new medium cars and rescue - fire-extinguishing 4x4 with single rear wheels;Task No.