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Synonyms for brand-new

not previously used


Synonyms for brand-new

conspicuously new

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A brand-new, enfranchised, emancipated dress, dear.
There's the other fellow, too: mind we don't forget the modern Solomon, who has left his proverbs behind him--the brand-new philosopher who considers the consolations of religion in the light of harmless playthings, and who is kind enough to say that he might have been all the happier if he could only have been childish enough to play with them himself.
Virgin natures have, beyond all others, the inexplicable gift of second-sight, the reason of which lies perhaps in the purity of their nervous systems, which are, as it were, brand-new.
The result of this raid was a brand-new Columbia River salmon boat, stolen from an Italian fisherman.
I assure you, Marilla, that I feel like praying tonight and I'm going to think out a special brand-new prayer in honor of the occasion.
Among the children near me was a beautiful little boy, playing with a brand-new toy--a horse and wagon.
The land was tender with brand-new, golden-green, baby leaves.
The April baby came panting up just as I had written that, the others hurrying along behind, and with flaming cheeks displayed for my admiration three brand-new kittens, lean and blind, that she was carrying in her pinafore, and that had just been found motherless in the woodshed.
What comes after is about the most unpleasant time for a youngster, the trying to get an officer's berth with nothing much to show but a brand-new certificate.
Everything about his face and figure, from his short-cropped black hair and freshly shaven chin down to his loosely fitting, brand-new uniform, was simple and at the same time elegant.
There are some brand-new bushrangers on the road between Whittlesea and this--a second Kelly gang
Only a specimen of early tourist in knickerbockers, conspicuous by a brand-new yellow leather glass-case, hung about for a moment, scenting something unusual about these four people within the rusty iron gates of what looked the grounds run wild of an unoccupied private house.
Each unique tin features brand-new artwork by top comic artists, four booster packs containing cards that represent some of Marvel's most beloved characters, and one special variant card available only in these spectacular collector's tins.
With more than 19 million items available on the site worldwide every day -- from vintage jewelry to brand-new personal electronics; from one-of-a-kind collectibles to new-release books and DVDs -- eBay is the one-stop shop for practically any gift imaginable.
Brand-New Adrienne Vittadini Store in Los Angeles on November 18th