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They make sure that generics contain the same amounts of active ingredients, that they are manufactured according to federal standards, and that they are released into the body at the same rate and the same way as the brand-name medicines.
With the exception of language protected by patents or exclusivity, the labeling of the generic drug, including directions for use, must be virtually the same as that of the brand-name product.
Enabling the consumer to make the choice between a brand-name drug and generic is laudable, but the discretion will ultimately be up to the doctors.
Brand-name drugs that have a patent don't have an equivalent generic drug to compete with, so they're usually quite expensive.
The absence of generic competition to high priced brand-name drugs, said Reicher, "would clearly be hardest felt by the segment of the public least able to afford it and most in need of lower priced generic alternatives -- the poor and elderly.
There are two main differences between generic and brand-name drugs.
We look forward to bringing our extensive portfolio of products and services, including several brand-name coffees and teas, to more business clients in Canada.
This approach allows vertically focused brand-name publishers to directly monetize the value of their respective online brands, content and site traffic.
Preston McAfee, of the California Institute of Technology, recently released an AMD-commissioned study which showed brand-name specifications in government procurement contracts for computer hardware have cost American taxpayers up to $563 million.
This report studies the behaviour of the Italian purchasers of built-in appliances, taking into consideration: sales performance for kitchens and built-in electrical appliances, purchasing criteria by major purchasers of built-in electrical appliances, development of brand-name image and customer satisfaction of major purchaser of built-in electrical appliances.
They offer a broad list of covered brand-name and generic medications, and the convenience of an extensive pharmacy network that includes major chains such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Smith's, and many independent pharmacies.
DUBLIN, Ireland -- Although back-to-school demand boosted sales for retail brands in the third quarter, Cisco's rising market share compressed the shipments of other brand-name vendors.
A generic drug is equivalent to a brand-name drug in safety, strength, quality, how the drug works, and what it's used to treat.