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But sometimes the reasons for brand name failure are not so obvious.
This led to the formation of a project team to a) categorize the wine brand names in New Zealand, and b) examine consumer perceptions of these brand name categories in terms of quality, price, purchase intentions and ability to pronounce and ask for the brand by name.
Loyalty to brand name products can vary by demographic group as well as by category.
For the first time, the company decided to provide contract manufacturing service to brand name luminaire suppliers after introducing its own-brand lighting fixtures last year.
Sometimes it is important to stay with the drug you're using, whether it's the generic or the brand name, because your body is used to it.
There are, for example, several pages in which the authors discuss the perils of transporting brand names across linguistic boundaries, pointing out how Volkswagen's Vento means "fart" in Italian, how Estee Lauder's Country Mist makeup means "manure" in German, and how Powergen, the Italian maker of a battery charger, showed its obtuseness when it insisted on dubbing its Web site www.
And now we're providing a voice for those drugs that have been overpowered by brand names.
Farquhar (1989) has pointed out that the brand name also adds value for the manufacturer and for the retailer.
In the meantime, most white box makers agree that they must find a way to counter a current brand name marketing offensive that portrays them as inferior companies selling sub-par products.
Choosing a brand name for a consumer product or service is so critical that some writers argue it is one of the most important marketing management decisions (Landler et al.
Item: Stapler & staples box (big & small size) (size & brand name to be mentioned).
will expand its brand name operation to more product lines, underscoring that the company is transforming into a brand-name supplier from contract supplier, according to company chairman, C.
While the image associated with a brand name can be built with advertising over time, brand managers realize that a carefully created and chosen name can bring inherent strength to the brand.