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having many branches


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Harvesting of single-head broccoli is easier because there is only one harvesting cut, while the "branchy" broccoli needs several harvesting.
In the specific case studied here, we highlight three conditions related to the above mentioned factors which could have been decisive in the success of the passive restoration on the study area: (1) the possible positive influence of Cupressus lusitanica upon soil attributes like fertility; (2) the permanence of branchy piles, which promotes nuclei of native vegetation, in the study area after the forest plantation clearcutting; and (3) the existence of conditions favorable to the presence of bats and other animal seed dispersers in the study area.
But it had a fenced-in patio covered by a sturdy pergola, which was shaded by the canopy of a large, branchy carrotwood tree--a tree that our daughter would soon discover is ideal for climbing (more on that shortly).
Claybourne also finds that timber can be important, though it now is less common and less branchy than in Fork's earlier years.
Consequently, Rosneft acquires a branchy retail network in the Kyrgyz capital, together with a number of infrastructural assets.
A large decoration should be branchy or loose with lots of foliage creating the basic shape and then filled in from there.
Second, minimal length specifications allow maximizing product recovery from generally crooked and branchy trees, which can offer long logs only from the central stem portion (Picchio et al.
rudis is shorter, thicker, and more branchy. The first two main components accounted for almost 50% of the variance observed.