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Synonyms for branchlet

a small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division)

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Leaves scattered along branchlet and lacking V-trough on upper side of branchlet; native to Asia and commonly cultivated T.
It is also used as a medicinal plant; the branchlets of this tree are used as toothbrushes, the root decoctions are taken orally to stop diarrhoea, the branch decoctions are administered orally for stomach upset, the leaves are used in treating coughs and stomach ache, the root decoction also forms part of a medicine for hookworms, and the leaf infusion is used in preparing a cough mixture.
Foliage area, number of leaves and number of branchlets (i.
Five to six branchlets are selected around the trunk to become new branches.
Beth Uyehara of Reseda sent an e-mail about a jacaranda tree planted last October that is ``as tall as our mature apricot tree but looks like a pole with short leafy branchlets coming out all around it.
Cryptomeria japonica `Tansu': This attractive dwarf slowly forms a broad pyramid of mid-green, its ropelike branchlets clothed with needles that twist spirally around the stem.
Although not evergreen, the tracery of its polished mahogany branchlets make a lovely winter feature.
Peattie said it excels at that use because it grows thick-set (a gardening term) with zig-zag branchlets to the ground and scattered thorns, and is hardy in extreme weather, such as drought, heat and wind.
Thus, by separating the leaves from the branchlets [3, 4] the terpenes of a distinct anatomical, and presumably biosynthetic unit can be analyzed.
Inner appendage consisting of small basal cell giving rise on either side to very short branchlets, bearing apically crown of antheridia; in older specimens antheridia replaced by slender, hyaline, curved, sterile appendages, which barely reach half the height of perithecium.
Branches with leaves mostly in 2 ranks (specimens should not be from juvenile individuals, fertile branchlets, stump sprouts, terminal vegetative branchlets, or late-season growth); leaves mostly spreading; leaves narrowly linear, 5-17 mm long T.
Drooping threadlike branchlets are tipped with yellow.
The specific epithet of this species refers to the finger-like appearance of the branchlets.
18) with numerous apically widened branchlets terminating in adhesive pads (Fig.