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a small branch or division of a branch (especially a terminal division)

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17; name introduced by Amerom 1973 and interpreted as galls at the end of calamitean branchlets).
Axis length, internode length, axis diameter (correlated with the first axis; r > 0.7) and branchlet length, and the number of axis nodes and of side branches (correlated with the second axis; r > 0.6) were the features primarily responsible for the variance observed.
However, shrubs were similar in structure, with no significant differences among treatments in numbers of branches per shrub, branchlets per branch, leaves per branchlet or average leaf length (Table 1).
Branchlet swellings 2 to 3 cm long and 1 to 2 cm in diameter were discovered on baldcypress in Fort Pierce, Florida by one of us (KLH).
Force growth upward by cutting just beyond an upward-growing branchlet or bud.
For each treatment, 10-15 larvae were added to each of three replicate dishes containing 4 ml of FSW and a branchlet of a given alga, cleaned of epiphytes.
For each branchlet, we recorded the number of leaves and total number of galls, and then chose one galled leaf at random as the "focal" leaf.
For the shoot treatments, we chose four short shoots growing on a common branch, but on a different branchlet. For each of the shoots, one of the following four treatments was applied: (1) control (no manipulation); (2) clipping the apical half of the leaf lamina from one leaf; and removal of (3) one or (4) two whole leaves by cutting the petioles (Fig.
We used the most recent 5 yr of top branchlet extension growth of 0.2-0.8 m tall sugar maples as an integrated measure of light available at ground level.
After plucking a fruit from a branchlet, they move to a larger branch, remove the pulp, hammer the seed coat open with the bill, and extract and eat the embryo and endosperm.
Pollen strobili axillary, erect or horizontal, compound, 5-10 clustered together on a 1-2 cm subterminal portion of the branchlet, 0.5 cm long when closed to 1.3 cm long when open for pollen dispersal; microsporophylls 1-5, radially symmetrical, perisporangiate, each bearing 2-4 closely united sporangia.
Otherwise, cut a 6- to 10-inch branchlet; if you think the plant is diseased, try to choose a sample that shows various stages of infection.
LEAF DESCRIPTION: 2" to 6" long, appearing on branchlets, each branchlet having 3 to 5 leaves, lanceolate shape with entire margins, parallel venation.