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There are also similarities in respect of branchiopods between the Mpumalanga pans and turbid clay pans in Australia (Hancock & Timms 2002), ponds in Oxfordshire (UK) (Collinson et al.
Multispecies coexistence of branchiopods (Anostraca, Notostraca & Spinicaudata) in temporary ponds of Chaouia plain (western Morocco): sympatry or syntopy between usually allopatric species.
Because the brain anatomy of branchiopods is much simpler than that of malacostracans, they have been regarded as the more likely ancestors of the arthropod lineage that would give rise to insects.
And I realized that this brain actually comprises three successive neuropils in the optic regions, which is a trait of malacostracans, not branchiopods," he said.
Strausfeld said: "There have been all sorts of implications why branchiopods shouldn't be the ancestors of insects.
The study authors argue that the fossil supports the belief that branchiopod brains evolved from complex organisms into simpler ones.
As a group, branchiopods are united by the presence of gills on their legs and various appendages used for swimming.
All the shrimp-like branchiopods feed themselves by filtering algae and detritus out of the water.
While collecting amphibians, particularly in ephemeral and seasonal pools, I commonly encountered representatives of the three orders of branchiopods (Conchostraca, Notostraca, and Anostraca).