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provided with gills

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Based on the color pattern of metamorphosed animals and gill raker counts in branchiate animals (Dunn, 1940; Stebbins, 1985; Conant and Collins, 1991), we tentatively identified this population as A.
Thirty-two branchiate animals collected on 7 September 1996 were sent to Indiana for morphological and histological analyses.
Aquatic funnel trapping in 1995, on 30-31 May, yielded seven large branchiate tiger salamanders.
Salamanders collected in May of both 1995 and 1996 were large branchiate animals [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 2A OMITTED].
It is probable that other cannibals were present among the 714 branchiate animals collected in 1996 (six suspected cannibals sampled in August 1996 and many probable intermediates or cannibals sampled in September 1996 were released before MJL could verify morphotype).
Of the six live branchiate salamanders observed in the laboratory, three metamorphosed between October and November.
Posterior fragments were much smaller than anterior fragments; had few branchiate, abdominal setigers (5--6 on average, vs.