branchial cleft

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one of a series of slit openings in the pharynxes of fishes and aquatic amphibians through which water passes

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4) Second branchial cleft anomalies are often described as remnants along this migration pathway; they rarely present as a complete tract.
First branchial cleft cysts appear as simple or complicated unilocular cystic lesions within, superficial, or deep to the parotid gland on CT and MRI (Figure 7).
In this report, we described the diagnosis and successful management of 2 cases of second branchial cysts in adult Amazon parrots, one likely originating from a remnant of the second branchial cleft and the other from a remnant of the second branchial pouch.
The purpose of this overview is to summarize the current concept of carcinomas arising in branchial cleft cysts (so-called, branchiogenic carcinoma), indicating that most, if not all, represent cystic metastases from oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma primaries.
A solitary cystic nodal metastasis from an occult papillary carcinoma of the thyroid can simulate a branchial cleft cyst clinically and ultrasonographically.
Surgery for thyroglossal duct and branchial cleft anomalies.
We present a case of a 6-year-old girl with an incidental finding of a right posterior oropharyngeal wall mass, distinctly separate from the tonsillar fossa, which was found on pathologic analysis to be a branchial cleft anomaly.
Congenital LPDs are truly branchial cleft cysts and tracts that connect internally with the pharynx and blindly in the neck.
The radiologic findings suggested a branchial cleft cyst or a cystic lymphangioma rather than a metastatic tumor.
A preliminary diagnosis of a first branchial cleft anomaly (FBCA) was made, and a temporal bone computed tomography (CT) study was obtained to determine the extent of the lesion and its relationship to the facial nerve (figure 3).
Histologic findings on examination of lymphoepithelial cysts are microscopically similar to those of branchial cleft cysts, although some different patterns are seen.
Cysts, fistulas, and sinuses of the second branchial cleft are the most common developmental anomalies arising from the branchial apparatus.
A diagnosis of a type II first branchial cleft cyst was made.
Clinical usefulness of multi-detector CT fistulography of branchial cleft fistula.