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Synonyms for branch


branch off


  • turn off
  • deviate
  • change direction
  • leave the road
  • take a side road
  • take another road
  • quit the road
  • depart from the road

branch out

Synonyms for branch

something resembling or structurally analogous to a tree branch

an area of academic study that is part of a larger body of learning

a local unit of a business or an auxiliary controlled by such a business

a component of government that performs a given function

a part of a family, tribe, or other group, or of such a group's language, that is believed to stem from a common ancestor

a small stream

to separate into branches or branchlike parts

Synonyms for branch

a division of a stem, or secondary stem arising from the main stem of a plant

a part of a forked or branching shape

a natural consequence of development

a stream or river connected to a larger one

any projection that is thought to resemble a human arm


Related Words

grow and send out branches or branch-like structures

divide into two or more branches so as to form a fork

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The major distinction between types lies with the sugar that branches off from the galactose.
The power of these volcanic eruptions of authentic fictions dearly sparked Baselitz's own imagination, not only in visually demonstrable ways (a series of paintings from 1992-93, with their at first illegible filaments of paint that are suddenly transformed into free-floating nudes, look like sophisticated branches off Hill's desperate tree) but also in terms of his virtuoso introductory text.
However I was not prepared for the description on the back of a man who was sawing branches off a dangerous tree.
Finally, if the branches of the trees overhang your property, you are entitled to lop the branches off at the line of your property and return the cut limbs to the neighbours.
To the right, the line branches off over the High Level Bridge, where the 8am train from South Shields was halted for 30 minutes while the breakdown train manoeuvred into position.
LAST week, because the sticks children were throwing to try and dislodge conkers were threatening to damage passing cars, the authorities were chopping branches off conker trees.
The move comes after another council cut the branches off trees near a school to stop kids getting hurt collecting the conkers.
We went up and took a look at those trees and it's clear someone went and broke the branches off,'' said Sgt.
Working with mouse eggs, which are very similar to human eggs, Wassarman focused on the so-called O-linked oligosaccharides, complex sugar chains that grow like branches off ZP3's protein "trunk.