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a railway line connected to a trunk line

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Colin Melia, driver at Birkenhead Central, with Bernie Hollywood, a fundraiser for the Whitechapel Centre and Kev Adlam, of the Branch Line Society
Kev Adlam, of the Branch Line Society, said: "The interesting route, rare track and unusual traction made this a really outstanding and memorable day.
What they say Andy Slattery, trainer of Branch Line He won well over six furlongs at Limerick last time and was staying on well to the line.
Furthermore, with using the open-ended coupled lines instead of branch lines and port feeding lines, filter-couplers were proposed in literatures [15, 16], respectively.
A conventional branch line coupler is based on four quarter wavelength transmission lines which are composed of low impedance series arm of 35.
Many parameters will depend on the cargo flow and the demand for the branch line.
Being a baby boomer, though not a very successful one, I was able to experience the wonderful world of the rural branch line in Pembrokeshire and the Marches, which gave the non-car-owning public access to our glorious countryside.
In addition to telling them which direction is outby, the signals could save them time because, instead of following a branch line to find out where it leads, miners can feel the signal at the beginning of the branch line and immediately know what is available at the end.
Series stubs when used as matching network [26] for branch line hybrid couplers doubled its original bandwidth.
Railway sources said only the branch line was affected and train services were resumed around 11 am.
China and Russia struck an agreement Tuesday to build a China-bound branch line of the Eastern Siberia-Pacific oil pipeline to boost crude oil exports from Siberia to China.
CORVALLIS - Farm and lumber companies that ship their goods on a 23-mile branch line south from Corvallis have sued to get the railroad operators to continue to provide service on it.
A bid to reopen disused train stations and bring back passenger services to the Ashington, Blyth and Tyne branch line is gathering steam.
A IT was a branch line of the Derbyshire and East Coast Railway and was used to collect coal from pits and factories.
A plan envisions extending the Santa Paula Branch Line rail tracks from Fillmore into Santa Clarita to the Fillmore and Western Railway can run its theme trains into town.