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It doesn't hinge on whether we ate an oat- bran muffin for breakfast."
It's easy to feel virtuous ordering the oat bran muffin at Hardee's, but be aware that you're ingesting 440 calories and 18 grams of fat - as much as a Quarter Pounder.
There are short sections with lots of homey, common-sense advice: "[While] dining on out-of-town assignments, a banana and a bran muffin in the morning ...
If you're hooked on muffins--a delightful form of "addiction"--you needn't worry about getting enough opiate from poppy seeds to give you even the slightest "buzz." However, forego anything that contains poppy seeds if you have to take a urine test that day, and have a nice, safe, bran muffin for breakfast instead.
Whether contagion thoughts focus on a hot fudge sundae, an oat bran muffin or some inedible object, says Nemeroff, at least five "mental models" guide such beliefs:
He said again he was worried and only offered me coffee and bran muffin money for a trade-in.
* Apple Bran Muffin, On the upside, it's got whole grain and wheat bran plus apples, dried cherries, cranberries, and raisins (and it's delish).
VEGETARIAN: honey wheat bun, raisin bran muffin, Garden Salad-To-Go, bleu cheese dressing, house dressing, chow mein noodles, Sunrise Sandwich without meat, some of the salad bar offerings
Other bran brands added are Bran Muffin Crisp and a 1986 intro, Raisin Nut Bran.
However, like getting stuck in a 10-mile traffic jam after a prune juice and bran muffin breakfast, the worst lay ahead.
General Mills has also recently introduced Bran Muffin Crisp.
The irresistible Apple Bran Muffin supplies 7 grams of fiber from whole wheat flour, apples, and cherries.
Oh well, at least someone's getting pleasure from the bran muffin conversations.
Think about how you'd feel after eating a low fat bran muffin and an apple versus a donut.
Refrigerated bran muffin batter is ready to cook in the microwave in 1-minute, 1 - muffin batches or to bake by the panful.