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Synonyms for brambly

covered with brambles and ferns and other undergrowth


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The brambly, plummy, dark fruit character is well integrated with the non-fruit notes of fresh violets and cedar.
50 just east of Placerville to pluck sun-ripened raspberries, boysenberries, olallieberries, marionberries, and tayberries (the lovechild of a raspberry and blackberry) from Patrick's Mountain Grown Farms' brambly hedges.
This book is a kind of wild walking," Simpson says, "because, as I was writing it, my thinking became a little wild, brambly and overgrown--a kind of elderberry bush.
Blackberry bushes can become very brambly and sometimes grow near water sources.
The result is DIY photo journalism of genuine value, played out against a backdrop of huge, dust-choked and brambly landscapes.
Of these Brambly Hedge, now herself in foal to Turtle Island, and Percy Parkeeper - who holds handicap entries at Cheltenham - have provided eight wins between them when trained by Orton's great friend Twiston-Davies.
Rare are the historians who have the courage to penetrate the brambly thickets of public finance, and to begin to clear the terrain," wrote the noted French scholar, Lucien Febvre, in 1947.
It's Brambly Hedge, a collection of baby clothes, books, jewelry boxes, greeting cards and fine china by Royal Doulton depicting the Brambly Hedge mice and their friends.
The catalog for the Lullaby Club baby shower registry program, meanwhile, has a completely different look that is tied into the Brambly Hedge merchandise line.
Slightly cloudy in appearance with a crisp apple flavour which resembled Brambly apples.
Effective immediately, Ebeling & Reuss will distribute Royal Doulton's Royal Albert teaware and florals, Brambly Hedge and Royal Doulton florals lines.
95, The Wine Society): Dark, brambly fruit, with spice and structure without the high tannin level, so not so dry.
Packed with spiced cassis, brambly black fruits and lightly spiced herbal notes, but without any of the overt chocolate notes that carmenere can give.
That said, it works quite nicely with the Mediterranean tonic as I find the hint of thyme, citrus and rosemary brings out the more green, brambly flavours of the
Blackberry is huge on the tongue and is underpinned by chocolate cherry, licorice and a nice brambly edge.