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Bramblings sometimes flag during these difficult sea crossings with some birds actually having to resort to breaking their journey by pitching into the sea.
Alf has only spotted a couple of bramblings in his Almondbury garden this year.
Garden winter visitors are shipping out, with birds such as the Reed Bunting moving into the countryside, and Bramblings returning to Scandinavia to nest.
Last winter, the kitchen window bird table in my garden attracted great spotted woodpeckers, long-tailed tits, bramblings, siskins, fieldfares and even a red squirrel that visited every morning.
Mr Madge said that redwings, fieldfares, bramblings and blackbirds have all been spotted coming into the country in large numbers.
Javi Montes's kite in the Pyrenees captures the bird with its wings outstretched, whereas Ewald Neffe's picture of thousands of bramblings is so dense they look like a swarm of bees.
Get ready to greet thousands of birds that will spend the winter here - from fieldfares, redwings and bramblings to ducks, geese and wading birds.
Bird tables will attract robins, house and tree sparrows, doves, pigeons, bullfinches, green finches, chaffinches and bramblings, whereas food scattered on the ground will attract blackbirds, thrushes, dunnocks and wrens.
"For example, the number of siskins was up by 483% per cent from last year, and bramblings were up by 371%."
Nearby, several Bramblings have been on the feeders at Llyn Brenig cafe.
Richard's pipits were found at Cemlyn, Great Orme and Soldier's Point, while coastal watchpoints reported Lapland and snow buntings, bramblings and numerous crossbills.
Reports of redpolls, yellowhammers and bramblings in gardens have been flooding into the RSPB.