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In 1998, the Mossad embarked on Operation Bramble Bush II, in an attempt to once again target Hussein.
However, the current network of privacy regulations leaves insurance company compliance officers and consumers wondering if the federal law is a mighty oak designed to protect them or a bramble bush full of thorns on which they might get snagged.
This is essentially the point that Richard Wright tries to make in Causation, Respon sibility, Risk, Probability, Naked Statistics, and Proof Pruning the Bramble Bush by Clarifying the Concepts and Causation in Tort Law.
Suddenly she pricked her finger on a needle fashioned from the thorn of a bramble bush patented to kill pesky insects and corn blight alike.
"At least the hat only ended up in a bramble bush, and I can keep it in place with a big pin," said Anna, 20, who shocked Brookside fans with TV's first lesbian kiss.
When Franciscus says to Lollio |Come hither, Esculapius; hide the poison' (IlII.iii.61), it recalls Watson's |In time long past, when in Dianaes chase / A bramble bush prickt Venus in the foote, / Old Aescitlapius healpt her heauie case' (Poem xx, lines 1-3).
When Woodstock was found in a bramble bush his bones were misshapen and he struggled to hop but his condition has vastly improved in Marley's care.
A HARSH "chack" from a bramble bush at sunrise this week gave away a Blackcap: a female with copper-brown head and a bill coated in sticky blackberry juice.
A 400-yard ride on the delightfullynamed Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry was the key that unlocked our holiday treasure chest.
I remember flying head first down a slide into a bramble bush - it took my mum hours to get all the thorns out Who was your first crush?
They build their nests in woodland edges and scrub, usually in the middle of a bramble bush.
"The feet are more than likely an exhibit from a medical or educational establishment or from a private collection." The first decomposing left foot was found by a dog walker in a bramble bush in February in the Weston Park East area of Bath, Somerset.
If there was a hole in a bush or fence somewhere my dad would find it and I remember nearly ripping my clothes to shreds as I was forced through a bramble bush to see the rather pathetic illuminations in Morecambe's Happy Mount Park which at five pence were once again deemed to be at the top end of an appropriate admission charge.
"Then there are the ones that very, very slowly cross the road in front of your car or those held fast in a bramble bush.