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A HARSH "chack" from a bramble bush at sunrise this week gave away a Blackcap: a female with copper-brown head and a bill coated in sticky blackberry juice.
Despite the theft taking place hours earlier, Sam soon picked up the scent and after following the trail for 20 minutes he tore into a bramble bush - and emerged with the missing purse, minus the cash but with the photos intact.
Matthew's hopes suffered a setback when her drive on the 13th tee found its way into a bramble bush.
A 400-yard ride on the delightfullynamed Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry was the key that unlocked our holiday treasure chest.
A 400-yard ride on the delightfully-named Bramble Bush Bay chain ferry was the key that unlocked our holiday treasure chest.
Still, the coterie insist that (1) an oblique reference to a Grimm folk tale, "The Jew in the Bramble Bush," in the second Stollen of Walther's Act I trial song (Beckmesser is at the time in the marker's booth) is somehow proof that anti-Semitism is woven into the whole ideological fabric of Die Meistersinger; that (2) Beckmesser's serenade is a malicious and deliberate parody of Jewish cantorial style; that (3) Beckmesser's limping and twitching in Hans Sachs's workshop is anti-Jewish stereotyping; and that (4) Jewish communities in Vienna and Berlin saw Beckmesser as an anti-Semitic caricature and protested violently.
The plan, code-named Operation Bramble Bush, called for helicopters to drop members of an elite military unit, Sayeret Matkal, outside Tikrit.
However, the current network of privacy regulations leaves insurance company compliance officers and consumers wondering if the federal law is a mighty oak designed to protect them or a bramble bush full of thorns on which they might get snagged.
At least the hat only ended up in a bramble bush, and I can keep it in place with a big pin," said Anna, 20, who shocked Brookside fans with TV's first lesbian kiss.
If there was a hole in a bush or fence somewhere my dad would find it and I remember nearly ripping my clothes to shreds as I was forced through a bramble bush to see the rather pathetic illuminations in Morecambe's Happy Mount Park which at five pence were once again deemed to be at the top end of an appropriate admission charge.
Then there are the ones that very, very slowly cross the road in front of your car or those held fast in a bramble bush.
I once went to a medieval fancy dress party dressed up as a princess and I got so off my face I fell into a bramble bush, ripped my veil, called my mumand dad and said 'Happy New Year', then forgot to put the phone down while I screamed at my husband to eff off," she said.
I remember flying head first down a slide into a bramble bush - it took my mum hours to get all the thorns out Who was your first crush?
Connor ended up in a bramble bush with scratches and minor concussion and the couple's other kids Sean, 10, and Caitlin, five, who were in the car, escaped with minor injuries.
Miller and Cortines have come up with a real way of leading the district out of the bramble bush it's entangled in because they've considered the overall problem - the district is hopelessly behind schedule of building 100 schools or meeting a June 2000 deadline for state funding.