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Synonyms for braless

having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity

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According to Albis, Jorge was found braless and wearing a duster.
Povich readily acknowledges that plenty of consensual flirting and sex were going on and that "our short skirts and sometimes braless tops only added to the boil.
apparent because she's braless, shameless, ecstatically);
She teases Owen into the temptation of her flesh: stripping naked to change from swimming while his back is turned; bending to sway her braless breasts before him.
Go write your memoirs in some Parisian coffee shop and try to impress braless bohemian girls if you must, but keep it to yourself.
Eventually an attractive and braless young teller informed me I had to leave.
Mother holding her baby Stout braless woman searching for her son Old
Let us stop on the disreputable daughter, braless behind some shapeless top holding her mother's note.
It's a critical issue, and to examine it, Rifkin first takes us inside a department store dressing room where two teenage girls, conveniently braless, strip down to their G-strings while trying on lingerie, which they will then shoplift without consequence.
Verdict: Feels really nice and refreshing on, but it's not going to make you go braless.
It wasn't so much his entourage of leggy young things, the statuesque Miss World, the braless and then-nubile Connie Stevens, or even his sexist humor that bothered me--I'm not a prude, and I found the violence around me a lot more offensive.
Her character has agreed to bed down with one of the sleazy characters in the play, and she slowly lifts her shirt up over her face and head and we see she's braless and .
20 FILM: THE LOVE BUG (1968) with Jo ManningCHEER FOR CHARLIE (BBC1, 7pm) THE braless wonder is at it again - this time the strawberry blonde gardener is forsaking the trapeze and gardening gloves to get her big mits round a hunky dancing partner as she learns formation Latin American dancing in just three months.
His trio of mates were Anthony Head (of Buffy fame), a lothario who was having trouble rising to a younger challenge, Ray Burdis who was considering an affair with an unnamed braless TV gardener and Don Warrington (Philip from Rising Damp), who we found out little about.