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Synonyms for braless

having the breasts uncovered or featuring such nudity

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It may be helpful for a woman's health to go braless, but it's not that simple to lose the supportive garment in daily activities.
The mum-of-two can be seen posing braless in one pic and throwing back her head in ecstasy and showing off her killer bone structure in another.
This spot-on re-creation of 1970s captures in vivid detail the conventions of the day, from wide ties to the come-hither tops of the braless women.
Dressed for dinner in lined black trousers, but wearing a sparkling blue top with a braless front plunging down to her waist, Alicia was the mistress of sassy sophistication.
She chose to go braless and shirtless to give the ensemble a sexy twist at a Tiffany event in New York.
According to Albis, Jorge was found braless and wearing a duster.
Povich readily acknowledges that plenty of consensual flirting and sex were going on and that "our short skirts and sometimes braless tops only added to the boil."
(apparent because she's braless, shameless, ecstatically);
Go write your memoirs in some Parisian coffee shop and try to impress braless bohemian girls if you must, but keep it to yourself.
Eventually an attractive and braless young teller informed me I had to leave.
Mother holding her baby Stout braless woman searching for her son Old
Verdict: Feels really nice and refreshing on, but it's not going to make you go braless.