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a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes

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On Saturday, Canada's coaches pulled brakemen Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen and Ben Coakwell from Canada-1 with driver Chris Spring and put them with Kripps, who had better training times.
That at a time when the Association was trying to get guards 33 shillings a week instead of 26 after six years' service, brakemen hoping for 25 shillings instead of a pound after five years.
Supplement 12 described in detail the duties to be assigned to brakemen and flagmen, including technical operations such as connecting hose and chain attachments, inspecting cars, testing signals and brakes, and opening and closing switches.
Brakemen and conductors tend to strut when they walk.
He is one of three brakemen whose job is to propel driver John Jackson's sled into the first bend with as much momentum as possible.
Engineer William Myers, fireman Jeremiah Foley, and brakemen Charles Miller and William Spellman had congregated in the locomotive cab while waiting for the loaders to finish their work.
Courtesy the universal sign of the tourist--camera around the neck--one of the brakemen ushered me into the first bogey with a commanding view of everything in front.
There are currently four brakemen, the person at the back of the bobsleigh in charge of supplying most of the momentum at the start, in the world cup squad of which Julia is one.
In addition to working in railroad yards, female train service employees acted as brakemen and ticket collectors on local passenger and commuter trains, particularly in the vicinity of New York and Philadelphia.
It was marshalled by shunting men and brakemen running around shouting or carrying out instructions.
LINDA and the California Brakemen. This Belfast based band played dates all over the country in the mid-1970s.
Attention then turned to the role of the brakemen. Although they swore that they were shunting safely and according to the company's regulations, the stationmaster's boy claimed that he had witnessed runaway trucks at Llanddulas several times before.
He's one of dozens of volunteers who do virtually everything to make the trains go--from selling tickets to serving as engineers, conductors, brakemen and firemen.
After the Civil War, African Americans comprised a sizable proportion of the work force of firemen and brakemen on southern railroads, and they fully occupied service positions on dining and sleeping cars as well as in baggage handling.
They were paid their normal civilian working pay plus military pay of one dollar a day for engineers and yardmasters, 80 cents for firemen, 90 cents for conductors and mechanics, and 70 cents for brakemen.