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a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes

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She's not talking about things like a strained Achilles that affected her pushing abilities in Pyeongchang, or drama while trying to find the right brakeman for these games, or this World Cup season when she won only once.
The four-man bobsleigh brakeman had traces of dimethylpentylamine - foundindietarysupplements - in his system.
I am the brakeman but if you notice I don't really brake that much.
Driver Winston Watts and brakeman Marvin Dixon will compete in the twoA[degrees]man bob in the 32A[degrees]team competition on February 19 and 20.
Initially he was a brakeman but the failure to qualify two sleds for the 2010 Vancouver Games forced him to reconsider his options.
Since porters were not categorized as trainmen, a change in the designation of a brakeman to porter, in effect concealed that the porter was continuing to work as a brakeman.
James was a brakeman for the New York Central Railroad, retiring in 1997 due to illness.
Despite the disability of a club foot, Smith was determined to compete at the highest level in bobsleigh, and had g g progressed to become a brakeman in the British four-man bob.
In the men's two-man bobsled Latvia would come agonizingly close to earning a second bronze medal with pilot Oskars Kibermanis and his brakeman, Elvis Kamms, missing out on a spot on the podium by a mere .
When America entered World War II, Barbu was working as a railroad brakeman.
Millions of horrified TV viewers saw driver Jackson and brakeman Dan Money's smash at the Whistler Sliding Centre in Vancouver, Canada, in the early hours of yesterday.
Panic-stricken that I had managed to commit another boo-boo by ending up in a train going in the opposite direction, I looked at the brakeman.
This season I was reserve brakeman for Paula Walker on Europa Cup until Christmas then for the World Cup afterwards and up to the World Championships, where unfortunately, she crashed out of the competition.
Men who had never seen a lady brakeman and who didn't feel threatened by one could calmly consider the issues.