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a railroad employee responsible for a train's brakes

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In an exclusive to The Star, Philippine National Bobsled Luge and Skeleton (PNLBSA) president and CEO Buddy Cunanan reported that Philippine Coast Guard officers Rolando Isidro (pilot) and Jeffrey dela Cruz (brakeman) overcame a shaky start in their first run to smoothly finish behind Japan in their second run at the Olympia Eiskanal.
Bobsled pilot Rolando Isidro and brakeman Jeffrey de la Cruz, both enlisted personnel of the Philippine Coast Guard, made their international debut as one of the Asian guest racers in the 2018 Europa Cup on Friday at Olympia Eiskanal in Igls, Tirol, in Austria.
According to ( Deadline , Summer will play the role of Bess Till, a brakeman who is part of the train's security force.
My brother and I used to hang around when the freight trains were switching cars and got acquainted with freight brakeman Bill Conway.
It was the first exposure of some of Ginsberg's best photographs of his friends, such as the one he took in 1953 of Kerouac on a fire escape with a brakeman's handbook in his pocket.
"Liberty Screening is a great new addition to the partnership family," said Bill Brakeman, Director of Alliances at Avionte.
Other artifacts include a brakeman's uniform, lunch menus and various dishes from train lines of the era.
Almond was denied by goalkeeper Rhys Taylor after Adam Brakeman had linked cleverly with Paul Rutherford.
And what incredible lives they did lead: heavyweight boxer Eddie Eagen already had a summer Olympic gold to his name; the mysterious Clifford Grey; driver Billy Fiske, who flew in the Battle of Britain; and brakeman Jay O'Brien, a rogue and charmer who was claimed to have married women at gunpoint.
Chased by an evil brakeman trying to kill him, assorted villains and strange magical creatures, Will is befriended by Mr Dorian, the circus ringmaster with special abilities, and Maren, a girl his age who is an escape artist and together they try to save both train and treasure.
A fourth generation railroader who began his career as a brakeman with the Missouri Pacific Railroad Co.
The four-man bobsleigh brakeman had traces of dimethylpentylamine - foundindietarysupplements - in his system.
I am the brakeman but if you notice I don't really brake that much.
''If in 2010 we were sitting in a Formula One car, then this time we were sitting a trabby,'' brakeman Kevin Kuske said, referring to one of the least-popular cars ever sold in Germany.