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the lining on the brake shoes that comes in contact with the brake drum

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Automotive Brake Linings Market is expected to witness 7.8% CAGR during the forecast period, 2019 to 2025, according to latest depth analysis report on Global Automotive Brake Linings Market by Material, Vehicle Type, Sales Channel and Region - Global Forecast till 2025, published by Market Research Future.
The jury also heard evidence that the defendant brake company had ignored the dangerous nature of asbestos dust and had neglected to test its brake linings to see if they released toxic asbestos fibers.
Squealing can occur when the brake linings are worn and need replacement, the brake drum or disc needs to be machined, the front disc brake pads are loose or missing their anti-rattle clips, the hardware that attaches the brake callipers is worn, or inferior brake linings are in use.
The agreement will make AMCF suppliers of engine oils in exchange for brake linings from El-Wahab Group.
There is a self-adjusting mechanism and pin in the brake cylinder, so that as the brake linings wear, the piston travel is adjusted so that the same travel of the piston is always required to apply the brake.
At issue is how quickly substitutes can be found for those products- such as asbestos brake linings'--not immediately banned.
8 December 2011 - CRISIL today rated at D the bank facilities of Indian brake linings manufacturer SAS Braketech Ltd.
In those days, prolonged use of the brakes on a steep and lengthy bank caused brake linings to overheat, thus reducing their effectiveness - deadly brake fade - often with sure consequences.
Nutexa Frictions makes brake linings and pads for a range of uses such as buses, trucks, tractors and ship winches.
TMD Friction Group makes disc brake pads and drum brake linings for cars and commercial vehicles together with brake pads for racing cars and friction materials for rail and industrial applications.
PressoNova, based in Kalmar, Sweden, conducts cutting work for Trelleborg's production of brake linings (brake shims) for the automotive market.
Additional applications include cams, gaskets, collars, sleeves, brake linings, timing wheels, hydraulic rings, light-duty gears, and thrust washers.
Part of his job involved grinding brake linings that contained chrysotile asbestos.
Also in South-West Durham, Aptec Technology of West Auckland, which makes textiles for clutch facings, brake linings, seals and thermal insulation designs for motors, went into administration.