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a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop

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The first wire harness includes six white LEDs for the front and rear bumpers, while the second includes two red LEDs for the tail lights, two red LEDs for the brake lights, two white LEDs for the reverse lights, and six white LEDs for the headlights.
Subaru announced a global recall of 2.2 million SUVs, the biggest ever for the company, over a brake light glitch that could affect how the vehicle engines start.
Subaru (( FUJHY ) has issued a recall on 2.3 million global vehicles because of faulty brake light issue.
Auto Business News-April 18, 2017--MechOptix introduces Stoptix Automatic Bicycle Brake Light
The second happened at 3.15pm on Thursday, October 8, when an offender smashed the brake lights of a car parked on Axwell Drive, also in Blyth.
In the early days, cars didn't have any kind of running lights or brake lights on the back of them.
Touching the brake pedal also turns on the brake lights and disconnects the cruise control (if it's on).
Missing or non-worKing braKe lights, which can leave drivers unable to judge when the car in front is slowing, showed up as the biggest problem followed by non-functioning headlights.
Then there are the cars with headlights and brake lights that do not work or with indica-tors that are inoperative.
Ongoing monitoring of vehicle operations and Research and Development checks have discovered that, in certain circumstances, the faulty switch may cause the vehicle's rear brake lights to not illuminate - or may not turn off after the brake pedal is released.
Since my cellphone is always clamped on the dash, I reached across and snapped a picture of the car with the plate and brake lights showing.
The electric brake controller is activated when your brake lights come on, and the amount of stopping is adjustable by dial from inside the comfort of your cab: light for wet conditions and more aggressive if the weight of the loaded boat rivals that of the truck.
The most common defect is bald tyres but other problems include faulty brakes, broken wipers, broken or missing wing mirrors and defective brake lights.
This also goes for headlights, indicators, hazard lights and brake lights.
said Monday it will voluntarily recall more than 110,000 Sienna minivans of the 2011 model in the United States, Canada and Mexico to replace a switch bracket on the brake light that could cause the brake lights to remain on.