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a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop

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Unfortunately for the motorist in question, not only was the flat tyre bald, all the tyres were bald, there was no tax, no NCT, driving licence and brake light offences and most serious of all, no insurance.
But it can happen if your brake lights don't come on when they're supposed to.
When the police spoke to him about the brake light, they noticed that he smelt of alcohol.
An ANOVA performed on steering error showed no significant effects, which indicates that the amount of attention devoted to the steering task did not depend on the brake light condition.
This requires two wires to be connected to the brake light circuit.
The court heard how Mr O'Neill, from Dovecot, found the brake light smashed on his car last October.
At the rear, the GTI badge, aligned to the driver's side, is attached to the hatch door; dual stainless tail pipes add more evidence to the car's performance intentions along with the aggressive swath of the rear spoiler with an integrated, highly visible rear brake light, bumper valence and sophisticated, jewel-like round rear tail lamps.
Brake hoses in the affected vehicles are likely to crack, which could lead to brake fluid leakage and brake light failures, according to the administration.
Safety features include driver airbag, side impact door padding, tinted glass, high level brake light and bodyside protection mouldings.
One blogger kindly suggested he was simply wearing flesh-coloured shorts as he fixed a brake light.
Wire these up to your brake light and glow as you slow.
In a report submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Kawasaki said loose wiring may cause a short circuit, making it impossible to turn on the headlight, brake light and direction indicators or start the engine.
Two other lorries had defects including a cracked windscreen, a leaking trailer and brake light faults.
i would like to fit an eye-level brake light in the back of my car.