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a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop

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The company said silicone gases that can come from cleaning products or cosmetics could coat part of the switch for the brake lights, interfering with the lights turning on properly and also engine ignition, the company said in a document filed with the transport ministry.
Subaru has had 33 reports of the brake light problem in the U.S.
MechOptix Inc, a sensor company focused on safety, has launched its Stoptix Automatic Bicycle Brake Light as a replacement bulb.
So, like the center brake light, the well-intentioned pop-up window is ignored and pushed to the far side of your attention span.
In emergency braking situations, the Electronic Brake Light transmits a wireless signal to illuminate a dashboard light in cars following behind enabling drivers to brake earlier and potentially avoid a collision.
The condition ''could cause the brake lights to remain on or, if the deformation is significant, the brakes could become partially engaged due to contact from the bracket,'' it said.
A team of student engineers under the guidance of mechanical engineering professor Mehdi Ahmadian originally sought to develop a high-tech brake light for passenger vehicles.
Other features include Five-Signal Recording, on-screen brake light, turn signals, hazard lights, stop arms, and speed indication, and a built-in speed conditioner.
The decision criterion was defined as "Has the vehicle been standing for such a duration (several seconds or more) that it is reasonable to assume that an advance brake light warning (of approximately 0.25 s) would make a difference to the following driver?" Because the narrative in some of the crash reports was very brief, occasionally it was necessary to interview the government drivers by phone.
Water is likely to enter the main wiring harness at the rear brake light switch connectors, possibly causing corrosion.
Achieving 65mpg and 99g/km of CO2, the VIVA chieving VIV SE ecoFLEX gets a front lip spoiler, extended rear spoiler X gets a front lip spoiler, extended rear spoiler with LED brake light and ultra-low rolling resistance tyres over the entry model.
TOM: So, if I were you, I'd high-mount my nearest brake light, and gallop over to your nearest Subaru dealer.
GM knew about the brake light problems early in 2008.
South Miami, FL, December 22, 2013 --( An innovative new product designed to simplify the carrying out of an important automotive maintenance task, the Brake Light Stick, has been developed by James Brown of Denver, Colorado.