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a red light on the rear of a motor vehicle that signals when the brakes are applied to slow or stop

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The Adaptive Brake Light activates under heavy breaking from speeds exceeding 50km/h and returns to continuous lighting when the driver eases off the brake pedal.
Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F) is voluntarily recalling about 43,500 1992 model Escort and Tracer vehicles to inspect, and possibly replace the brake light switches.
Like all Ibizas, there is a third, high-level brake light and seat-belt pretensioners - and the CLS has a neat grey facia.
The model features a new hexagonal grille that encompasses the whole front end, with Audi's signature LED headlights on either side, and angular rear lights connected to a secondary brake light that runs along the length of the boot lid.
THE bus that crashed, killing five schoolgirls, had no brake light warning bulb in the dashboard, tests have revealed.
Wire these up to your brake light and glow as you slow.
Something as simple as a burnt-out brake light could potentially have major consequences.
In a report submitted to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Kawasaki said loose wiring may cause a short circuit, making it impossible to turn on the headlight, brake light and direction indicators or start the engine.
Safety features include driver airbag, side impact door padding, tinted glass, high level brake light and bodyside protection mouldings.
AN ambulance rushing a man to hospital was stopped by police for having a faulty brake light.
i would like to fit an eye-level brake light in the back of my car.
When braking is severe, the brake light is bigger and brighter as additional light-emitting diodes are activated.
If I am following your car and I see first your brake light and later the turn indicator while you are turning, how are you helping me respond safely to your maneuver?
Two other lorries had defects including a cracked windscreen, a leaking trailer and brake light faults.