brake failure

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brakes fail to stop a vehicle

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Rafiu who was reeling in pains on the hospital bed said: 'I left my house to seek for my daily bread and was about to cross the road when I was hit by the truck which they told me had brake failure.
A VETERAN racer was crushed to death when his kit car suffered total brake failure, accelerated backwards down a steep hill, crashed and flipped over.
A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA's reporter that the truck driver lost control of the vehicle due to a brake failure which led to the vehicle being run off the road, killing of two persons and injuring 10 others, in addition to causing damage to 16 cars, some of which were severely damaged.
After finishing his stint, Hoy described it as loads of fun, adding that the stand-out moment was brake failure going into the last turn.
KOHAT -- Three people including two brothers died on the spot when a fast moving truck hit Kohat Toll Plaza because of brake failure on Indus Highway here on Saturday.
Forensics Sciences Laboratory are awaited even as Dr Shankar is claiming that the car's brake failure and an epileptic attack were the reasons for the series of accidents.
CRASH investigators are examining wreckage to see if brake failure caused indie band Viola Beach's car to career 82ft off a bridge into a canal, killing five people.
The driver survived and blames a brake failure for the accident.
The ANI news agency reported that brake failure might have caused the accident.
Brake failure was reported to be the cause of the accident.
But after starting 20th and from the pit lane in the last two races following a brake failure in Germany and car fire in Hungary, the 29-year-old will likely be relieved to simply have come through the session unscathed.
The power-steering pressure hose on that year's models have been found to have insufficient clearance around the transmission's torque-converter housing, which could potentially cause wear, fluid loss and, ultimately, brake failure.
And although the German has the fastest car and his team-mate Lewis Hamilton will be way down the grid, Mercedes have been hit by technical trouble lately including Rosberg's retirement at Silverstone and Hamilton's brake failure in qualifying yesterday.
If the vehicle has load and if it is on a steep descent road, then there are chances of brake failure," a heavy vehicle driver said.
The idea was that if vehicles suffered brake failure on the way down, drivers could to steer into the escape lane at the bottom.