brake drum

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a hollow cast-iron cylinder attached to the wheel that forms part of the brakes


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Recently, we've received reports that some Stryker brake drums are having to be replaced because of stripped jack bolt holes.
com)-- Ohio Tool Works, renowned manufacturers of honing machinery and tools, is proud to announce the introduction of its newest products: tooling, equipment and abrasives for processing brake drums.
His company's lightweight brake drum, for instance, probably will cost a tad more than the government pays now for the same part.
Jackson, MI, is an automotive industry job shop that specializes in machining disc brake rotors and brake drums for cars and trucks.
Webb Wheel utilizes both the Maus MTV high-volume machining cells and the Maus MTC vertical turning centers with 36-position tool changers for its hub and brake drum production.
Motorwheel's primary product is the CentriFuse[R] brake drum, which is widely recognized as the leading premium brake drum for heavy-duty vehicles and commercial trailers.
Tenders are invited for Thruster Brake Assembly Alongwith 200Mm Dia Brakedrum And Without 18 Kg Thruster Brake Drum Material Is: 1030 Grade-40 Cast Steel .
TM], a one-piece composite brake drum with a unique machine-to-balance process that offers customers a lightweight alternative to a traditional brake drum.
Developers are showcasing an aluminum brake drum for trucks that weighs nearly half as much as its cast-iron equivalent.
From here, pallets of the 150-lb brake drum castings and 60-lb hub castings are shuttled to two lines of Doosan twin-spindle vertical turning machines.
Mr Parker, 50, was driving along a motorway when a front wheel and brake drum fell off.
Dealers are offering the check on brakes, tyres, coolant, battery and wipers with a rear brake drum check for an extra pounds 9.
Scrounge a brake drum and axle shaft from a large car.
Local experts favour a length of chain attached to a brake drum to open up a swim eight to10 metres long and around three metres wide.
Limited Tender are invited for Supply Of Steel Casting Items As Per Hec Drawing And Nit: Brake Drum Dia-200,Brake Drum Dia-300,Brake Drum Dia-160,Bearing Casing,Bearing Cover,Rope Thimble,Axle Box,Half Coupling,Half Coupling-6