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a disk or plate that is fixed to the wheel

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Brake system rear: One brake disc,0220mm, two piston calipers
The internal braking component was also missing and the brake disc.
A modification to the technological process of ventilated brake disc machining (Fig.
The fundamental difference between the brake discs that are fitted to these three cars and Surface Transform's technology is that they are manufactured using discontinuous carbon fiber, where our discs are made of continuous carbon fiber.
The Leamington Spa plant produces the raw materials from which brake discs are made at Swansea's Visteon plant.
The company also supplies brake discs and callipers for World Rally Championship racing teams as well as making the world's biggest break disc for a production car which appears on the Bentley Continental.
Tenders are invited for Electro Magnetic Disc Brake Complete Unit For Electrical Hoist Consisting Of Brake Disc Coils At 230 V Ac Each,Type Dup 235,Spring Length-32,Torque-4.
The conclusion of a framework agreement for brake discs of delivery for the maintenance of the T2000 tram cars and subway cars M1-2-3-4-5-6 - T2000: 41251001 brake disc following plan- M1-2-5-6: crown with brake disk into 2 parts according 31251010 plane - M3-4: Brake disc crown with 2 parts following plan 33251057.
There could be a stone trapped behind the brake disc which is producing the scoring noise, as there is a metal shield behind the brake discs to prevent debris snagging the brake components.
SHOW-STOPPER: Julio Faria of Surface Transforms with a high-tech brake disc for a Formula One car
today announced the production of its seven millionth brake disc in Frydlant, Czech Republic, since the plant's opening in 1999.
Commercial director David Levis said: "The agreement with the motor racing team is for brake disc and pads for testing purposes.
This effect will also increase the wear on the front brake disc and pads.
It's possible there is a stone trapped behind the brake disc and this would produce a scoring noise, as there is a metal shield behind the brake components.
This high heat resistant mineral may be used as an additive in various applications such as brake disc pads, various asphalts, concrete cement, putties, plastics, acrylics, latex paints, corrosion and rust protective coatings, welding rod coatings, and wood furnishes.