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cooking slowly in fat in a closed pot with little moisture

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Add the drained minced beef and the braising liquid and bring to the boil.
This Garland module line enables you to build your kitchen exactly to your requirements with multiple applications across core pieces, for example, the hob and wok, plus more specialist items such as the griddle and braising pan.
Lamb cuts such as shank, shoulder and legs lend themselves nicely to the low-and-slow braising approach, explains Megan Wortman, executive director of the American Lamb Board.
Braising and stewing are firmly back on the menu," said Andy Boulton, meat buyer for Waitrose.
Add 450g (1lb) lean beef braising steak, cut into chunky cubes and brown all over.
The Flame-Top line is being billed as ideal for braising and browning due to the steady heat distribution properties that are inherent in Burgundy clay.
Braising the grain does it much more justice - like rice, cous-cous, semolina or cracked wheat - it expands to something much more substantial, so it's a good economic food
Pheasant, the most popular of the game birds, is excellent for roasting, stewing, braising or for serving en papillote.
When braising beef I have usually used conventional European flavourings, red wine or beer and herbs such as tarragon, bouquet garni or thyme.
After broiling the steaks and roasting or braising the other cuts, the researchers trimmed off any remaining external fat.
He will also demonstrate roasting, braising, broiling and other cooking techniques.
Cool trotters to room temperature in braising liquid, then remove skin and meal and shred meal.
1 YOU NEED 750g pork spareribs, split into individual ribs, 600ml groundnut or vegetable oil; for braising sauce: 900ml chicken stock, 2tblspns chilli bean sauce, 85ml Shaoxing rice wine or dry sherry, 1tbs Chinese rock sugar or granulated sugar, 1.
The next day remove the pork from the braising juices, keep half of the juice to reheat the pork, the remainder bring to the boil and reduce by half, add the double cream, reboil and simmer for five to 10 minutes, until a nice sauce consistency is achieved, season to taste and strain.
ATHERE are two main ways to cooked larger pieces of meat in the oven - by roasting and by braising.