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The flavour is stronger than the sweet milky taste of the new season's, so if it's on the menu I tend to pair it with other robust flavours such as tapenade (black olive paste) or braise it with Moroccan spices.
Although no serious injuries occurred, sore muscles, calluses, and braises were common in all the classes.
Since I can more easily control the temperature, I've switched from stovetop braising to oven braising and even leave the house for a couple of hours as my roast braises happily in my oven, like a crockpot.
New winter braises include braised lamb with white bean pure, braised beef short rib with pommes pure and braised pork with celery root and apple pure for $32.
The kitchen really shines when, for example, it braises meaty short ribs ($17) with a rich pinot noir mixture, mashes Okinawan potatoes, adds a slice or two of red beet and caramelizes baby vegetables, resulting in a heady purple-hued dish of deep flavors and soft-to-crunchy textures.