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someone whose profession involves using his head to solve problems


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Los brainworkers tienen que estar dotados de variadas cualificaciones y desarrollar interacciones, comunicaciones y producciones que trascienden cualquier tiempo de trabajo definido convencionalmente en horarios.
It is the special character of this "wonderfully discriminating plague" to "kill off all the criminals and spare the brainworkers.
323), and a "Piper Chewing Tobacco" ad which offered overtaxed (male) brainworkers "poise and soothing, helpful comfort" (June 1916, p.
Every periodical (and conference) tells us that new technologies permit brainworkers to locate anywhere they wish; that the federal government drastically short-changes New York, taking billions more in taxes than it sends back in any form; that the feds saddle the center cities with expensive unfunded mandates they simply cannot afford; and on and on.
In a world of rapidly increasing specialization, in which most brainworkers are obliged to learn more and more about less and less, there is a crying need for more and better popularizers, men and women who can understand what goes on in the various special fields, relate them to each other and to the physical and social world as a whole, and express their findings and ideas in language intelligible to a literate public--a public which includes, or should include, the vast majority of the specialists themselves.