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Labeling her labor as "brainwork," which, ironically, is what working with issues like "risk concepts" is all about, does not resonate very well with the colleague, who ends the discussion with an amused "ok."
The author offers four categories for all voice training: Brainwork, Bodywork, Voicework, and Fireworks.
While reading, a discussion about strategies and brainwork took place.
New Delhi, India, June 09, 2015 --( A prominent name in the website development and online marketing arena, Brainwork Technologies recently rolled out a refreshing new look for their website.
Ample brainwork and most of the $ 100-million budget has clearly been invested into setting up California as it would look if a massive earthquake struck.
She is doing brainwork, of course she doesn't have time to play with you, they said.
You'll learn that oftentimes when it comes to finding good hunting spots, brainwork often trumps footwork.
(10) Teachers have effectively been separated from "the work of planning and the brainwork" in many districts.
Her thoughts on Behn are characteristic of the interesting connections she establishes between diagrams and literature throughout the book: as she argues in conclusion, "reflections of the 'brainwork' fostered by non-narrative and diagrammatic images contribute to the distinctiveness we enjoy in the work of each of these writers" (152).
Patrick Jane will be doubting himself and his own brainwork by the beginning of the show's sixth season.
Hofstadter and Sander reconnoiter our linguistic landscape, and make in-roads into the mechanics of brainwork. They demonstrate how the mind may transform casual, effortless conversation into revelations on the outer-reaches of mankind's capacity.
I added my dot drawings to give you further brainwork. I hope you enjoy it."
The System 1-System 2 taxonomy captures the intensity of a person's brainwork. To this end, it focuses on whether the person puts deliberative effort into her decisions (System 2) or decides quickly and unreflectively by using her intuition (System 1).
There is a lot of brainwork and a lot of safety [built in]."
Instead of doing fancy brainwork, mantis shrimp may just rely on what a particular specialized cell responds to most strongly.