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Brainwork brings an entourage of digital marketing services - from search engine optimization to social media marketing, pay per click campaigning to email marketing, and more.
He argued that in the mountains students were exposed to "a climate favourable and conducive to the best continuous brainwork through the year".
FACE TO FACE The new head for Grey's Monument PRE-STRIKE aerial views of Grey 's Monument in 1929 with trams going around BRAINWORK The new head for Grey's Monument under construction
Principles that refer to the opportunity for welfare--proposed by Arneson--or to access to advantage--by Cohen--would require excessively complex calculations and brainwork.
As part of the introductory section of the book, there are some descriptive comments and statements of things underway, things done, things to do, much concerned with archival matters which doubtless are well-intentioned, and for us the text here requires some nifty brainwork.
So you've got to cut off the brainwork about an hour before bedtime, some people are doing brainwork right up until bedtime.
RAWALPINDI, November 30, 2010 (Frontier Star): Chairperson Benazir Income Support Program (BISP), Farzana Raja has said that masses would not befooled for long with such projects as 'sasti roti' (cheap bread) and food support program, as copying someone required lots of brainwork.
This sounds very academic - but brainwork is only part of the story.
A smart navigation system is the key element of a robot if it wants to be truly autonomous, as it will have to carry out the brainwork to understand the surroundings and plot a course accordingly.
It isn't all about giving orders or having other people do the legwork or brainwork for you.
Mark had decided that Interbrew, one of the world's biggest brewing groups with brands such as Stella Artois and Carling, was an opportune entry into fast-moving consumer goods which required fast-moving brainwork.
The last satellite in the book, "Bart," is a good introduction to the pleasurable brainwork involved when language patterns generate immediate energy.
In his free time he enjoys golfing, visiting Arizona and Scrabble, which he calls "good brainwork.
4) Itamar Even-Zohar (2005: 210), na sua ultima compilacom de artigos acessivel no site do professor da Universidade de Telavive afirma <<at various stages of my work, it seemed to me that the familiar term "intellectuals" could be used, with some modifications, to denote that particular brand of people who are capable of designing new options by brainwork,>> acescentando a seguir (p.
Turning out flashy, dense, complicated prose is a breeze; putting things down in simple terms that anyone can understand takes brainwork.