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Synonyms for brainwave



Synonyms for brainwave

(neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalograph

the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

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Felicity began her Brainwave programme after a two- day assessment designed to evaluate her ability in all areas of development, from hearing to hand movements.
The researchers recorded brainwave patterns while patients listened to 10 minutes of silence, followed by either Mozart's Sonata in D Major, Andante Movement II (K448) or John Coltrane's rendition of My Favorite Things, a second 10-minute period of silence, the other of the two musical pieces and finally a third 10-minute period of silence.
At the time of this release, the shop has over a hundred categories, listing brainwave entrainment audio tracks that are unique, specific, one-of-a-kind and only available at http://www.
He has helped raise thousands for the Irish Epilepsy Association through work as patron for their fundraising arm Brainwave.
Neurowear has unveiled a cat ear like hair band called the, "Necomimi", which have abilities to wiggle, twitch, perk up or flop down by responding to user's brainwaves, at its promotional event in Tokyo, Japan on May 8.
Nathan's being going to Brainwave for eight years, so he's delighted he can give something back.
About this groundbreaking discovery and latest development in the brainwave entrainment community, Eric Thompson says: “Two significant developments occurred in my life — a heart-centered/compassion-centered spiritual practice and the creation of ultra-coherence in my immediate environment (through the use of the biofield technology).
The researchers saw significant increases in sigma brainwave power after sleep compared to before in the visual cortical area in the occipital lobe of the volunteers' brains.
It's also been fantastic to take our Brainwave events 'on the road' for even more children to get involved.
SIMPLE brainwave measurements can detect awareness in people who appear to be in a vegetative state, research has shown.
So what brainwave have the geniuses at the Cliffs of Moher come up with to bring it back to life?
For the past eight years, Nathan, from Solihull, has been attending the Brainwave Centre in Somerset which devises special exercise programmes for children and offers a host of other facilities.
The next time you get a brainwave Royston, consult somebody first.
Natalie, 14,from Birkdale, who suffers from cerebral palsy,handed over the gift to Prince Edward at a Brainwave reception at Buckingham Palace.