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subjected to intensive forced indoctrination resulting in the rejection of old beliefs and acceptance of new ones

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I will not spend a single fils of my hard-earned money anymore wasting it in Jawads to support and feed the extremists who brainwashed the kids at the Pearl.
He must be brainwashed because the Rob Blake we know - the low-key, level-headed, polite, personable, gracious, gutty guy from Simcoe, Ont.
Just as the Americans used to claim, during the Soviet days, that the Communists were brainwashing their citizens, I now sincerely believe that the Americans are being brainwashed by the Zionists to such an extent that it is difficult for them to call a spade a spade.
And as for the commissioners being brainwashed and afraid to voice an honest opinion, none that I have met fits that bill.
He added: "These people have obviously brainwashed him.
Irena Szewiola, a retired teacher and administrator living in North Hills, attacks the three-hour film ``Shtetl,'' broadcast as a special edition of ``Frontline'' at 8 tonight on KCET (Channel 28), as a glaring example of ``the way Americans are always bombarded with - and brainwashed by - the Jewish point of view.
IRAQ'S vice-president yesterday claimed Tony Blair had been brainwashed by George Bush.
WIMBLEDON king Roger Federer warned Andy Murray to shut his ears to his critics or risk being brainwashed.
Night and day, it appeared to me he had been brainwashed in some way.
The former Beatle's new album Brainwashed has sold only 73,000 copies in its first week of release and has barely made the Top 20 in their chart.
A PAEDOPHILE who brainwashed his victims into believing they were gay so he could sexually abuse them was given 15 life sentences yesterday.
IF Prince Charles can brainwash his sons into accepting the woman Diana disliked, surely they can be brainwashed into not taking drugs.
The two youngsters - Michael, nine, and Michaela, seven - were brainwashed by their father into thinking Sharon was evil.
Their father Omar, who has returned to Morocco, said he will never forgive Abdelhamid and is devastated his youngest has been brainwashed.
Devastated Becky, now 20, said her devout Christian mother Mandy, 47, was brainwashed by her church into taking Manning back after his release from jail.