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Synonyms for brainwash


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Synonyms for brainwash

to teach to accept a system of thought uncritically

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Words related to brainwash

persuade completely, often through coercion

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submit to brainwashing

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Watch this video to see how the Palestinians have been able to brainwash millions.
Terror groups are using social media to "brainwash" young people with their hate-filled ideologies, the UAE's foreign minister has told the United Nations.
Available for iOS and Android devices, the Brainwash game challenges players by putting their grey cells through the test of figuring out a way to brainwash Romeo and cause the breakup of the albeit star-crossed lovers.
I for one take it with a pinch of salt, and try to make my own mind, because ultimately we can be brainwashed into how they want us to live our lives.
Just trying to brainwash the public into thinking what we do actually is legal.
One example: French scientists discovered that a tiny worm can brainwash a cricket into taking a deadly swim.
We narrow-minded bucolic folk on the farm, a little hard to brainwash are we?
"We don't brainwash, but we do a good job in conditioning the mind--that they can be one of the best," Bacon says.
ONCE again we have Michael Caulfield trying to brainwash owners into giving jockeys a free rein on sponsorship, telling us how smart they looked with their new logos and asking the BHB to remove the right of owners to agree or disagree with the displaying of logos when riding their horses.
And it is never the goal of the liberal arts to brainwash. Truth is too stubborn to be manipulated.
" I don't have an agenda, I'm not here to brainwash anyone," she added.
Brainwash's 2008 exhibition "Life is Beautiful," which was assembled with the support of many street artists, including Banksy himself.
Tamworth's only independent councillor, Chris Cooke, accused the borough council of "squandering" cash in a bid to "brainwash" tenants into handing their homes to a new landlord.
But to cap it all, Sir Hayden Phillips is conducting a review of party funding to give political parties even more of taxpayers' money, money that will be used to brainwash people into voting for them.