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Synonyms for brainstorm

a sudden exciting thought

Synonyms for brainstorm

the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it

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the world's largest international network of owner-operated advertising and marketing communications companies, will feature SmartStorming Brainstorm Leadership Training at its upcoming Second Annual Creative Summit, to be held in Krakow, Poland, on March 2-4, 2011.
We observed 24 brainstorms in which products were designed, 6 in person and 18 on videotape.
We met with team members about once every two weeks, attended design meetings (including brainstorms), and were given sketches, reports, and videotapes, which were sometimes produced in or inspired by brainstorms.
We also participated in three brainstorms about IDEO's design process.
We gathered other materials produced by and about IDEO including a Methodology Handbook for engineers (with nine pages about "brainstormers"), four additional brainstorming reports, sketches of prototypes, a Harvard case about a keyboard support that resulted partly from IDEO brainstorms (Leonard-Barton, 1995), and a magazine story about a brainstorming session in which a bicycle commuter cup was designed so the reporter could pedal without spilling her coffee (O'Brien, 1995).
We distributed a short survey to engineers in the Palo Alto office about participating in and leading brainstorms at IDEO.
Design teams call and lead brainstorms to gather ideas from IDEO engineers who are not team members (and, less often, from industrial designers and support staff).
Brainstorms last 45 to 120 minutes and are attended by 3 to 10 participants; broad brainstorms last longer and have more participants.
IDEO brainstorms thus use rules much like those proposed by Osborn but that differ from those in most experiments, because people who attend have (1) past and future task interdependence, (2) past and future social relationships, (3) a use for the ideas, (4) pertinent technical expertise, (5) complementary skills, (6) expertise in doing brainstorming, and (7) expertise in leading brainstorming.
Spark moves the white board onto the web, so your team can incorporate distributed employees, customers and vendors in a brainstorm for a broader point of view," said Hering.
NetCentrics' Spark enabled the InnovationNetwork to brainstorm and communicate on book suggestions for our new innovation book club.
In addition, Brainstorms has contracted with The New York Times Syndicate to carry "Inside Trek & SciFi", Ian Spelling's well-known weekly syndicated column.
Brainstorms will launch a print advertising campaign in November with display ads in major science fiction magazines.