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a group problem-solving technique in which members spontaneously share ideas and solutions

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As author and Columbia Business School professor William Duggan describes it in a recent interview, "The theory of brainstorming is that you turn off your analytical left brain, turn on your intuitive right brain, and creative ideas pop out.
WIQQLE is an e-brainstorming technology platform, being launched globally, that harnesses the energy of team-sourced (TM) brainstorming and divergent thinking.
Previous research has laid out best practices that are conducive to brainstorming, or group decision making, and we wanted to see whether using those practices makes a difference in the real world," says Dr.
The aim of the study was to see if there was variation in how these firms conducted their brainstorming sessions, and whether those variations affected the quality of their work.
Brainstorming should have a purpose and a goal--not just let's all get together to see what we can up with, but a certain project that needs to be addressed or a specific problem that needs a solution; however, the session itself should be open and free form enough to allow for creativity and innovative thinking.
Ideally, an audit partner should lead the brainstorming session.
I've put on the site ideas and suggestions for brainstorming, and running a formal brainstorming session.
We have found that in both pilots, participant brainstorming lists could be easily mapped into our six degrees of integration or to one of the other two new courses.
To facilitate the brainstorming process, each participant was given a package of colored "Post It" notes and asked to come up with as many ideas as possible.
A brainstorming session about how and where they believe the entity may be susceptible to fraud; what might motivate management to perpetrate fraud; how management might override controls to engage in and conceal fraudulent financial reporting; and how entity assets could be misappropriated can be helpful.
Brainstorming ideas in meetings (the brainstorm mode captures information and ideas more quickly, encouraging spontaneous thoughts)
Remember, these drawings are designed to be constructive aids to your participation in brainstorming sessions.
To turn all this brainstorming into an experiment you can do, just pick one independent variable from Question 3 (say, sugar content) and one dependent variable from Question 4 (say, how long the flavor lasts).