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Synonyms for brainstorm

a sudden exciting thought

Synonyms for brainstorm

the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it

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This occurs more readily after the most easily accessible ideas are mentioned and brainstormers exert more mental energy in divergent thinking.
San Francisco-based pub-quiz service provider Brainstormer hosts three seasons of competition each year in the Greater Bay area.
There's a phrase you don't often hear outside a marketing brainstormer where they're running ideas up the flagpole as they sip their designer water.
He was a brainstormer, promoter and nonstop talker who poured out so many ideas that some were inevitably winners.
(Consultant, brainstormer and speech writer, Hinkle is the author of six wine books.
Brainstormer: Roberto Di Matteo questions himself all the time.
(Consultant, brainstormer and avid wine evaluator, it's easy to tell that Hinkle, the author of six wine books [he also contributed the California, Oregon and Washington chapters to the Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine], has a particular love for Pinot noir.
An IDEO "brainstorm," or a "brainstormer," is a scheduled, face-to-face meeting called to generate ideas, usually about designing products.
It has an add-in module called "Brainstormer" that, according to In oWorld, "contains a variety of popular creative writing techniques such as Freewriting...
(Editorial consultant, copywriter and ad campaign brainstormer, Hinkle wrote the California, Oregon and Washington chapters for the Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine.
Headquartered in Bhilai, Techment essentially is a team of coding specialists, digital designers, app and web developers, brainstormers and tech aficionados.
Give participants time to write down ideas and submit them ahead of the meeting, as brainstormers are often reluctant to "[throw] out risky or novel ideas because they're worried about what others will think."
Ana, and brainstormers J-Mee Katanyag and Jonathan Cruz.
Series: "Pawn Stars" (History); "Counting Cars" (History); "American Restoration" (History); "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" (Bravo); "Tiny House Nation" (FYI Network); "Tiny House Hunting" (FYI Network); "Icon" (PBS); "Brainstormers" (The Weather Channel)
Using a more structured process can keep brainstormers on task and ensure that the ideas that emerge are useful.