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Synonyms for brainstorm

a sudden exciting thought

Synonyms for brainstorm

the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it

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PHOTO (Color) Saugus High School's Brainstormer quiz team took home the championship cup Wednesday after a six-year drought.
Brainstormer is also experimenting with online quizzes.
You have to be a brainstormer and a problem-solver.
Ages and Ages plays the middle slot, and a band called Brainstormers opens at 9:30 p.
For instance, in brainstorming sessions, good brainstormers build on other people's ideas.
There is a real hope among the brainstormers in the ministry that when combined with parallel measures to improve public transport, more people will be convinced to hop on the bus.
He said he would push fellow brainstormers to come up with a way of encouraging a more creative focus for all Australians.
So the advertising brainstormers at Wales Gas Board came up with this chef clutching a wooden spoon to give us the right idea.
He demonstrates the power of guided improvisation and the key characteristics of creative teams, from jazz ensembles to boardroom brainstormers.
ADHD can give children an advantage in that they are "polyactive"--that is, they are able to work on numerous tasks--and that they are often excellent brainstormers (Alcock & Ryan, 2000, p.
Donald Gunn, creator of the Gunn Report says: "We hope that the Gunn Report Library at Beam TV will become a uniquely useful resource for briefers, brainstormers, planners, admakers, new business pitchers, presentation-givers, educators and trainers in every corner of the JWT world.
For instance, when discussing pricing of their exhibit space at the annual meeting, the brainstormers at APHA said they thought the prices were fair.
Local networking, as well as national meetings such as Brainstormers, have taken the competitive edge out of the industry and created an excellent source for the exchange of ideas.
The firm's brainstormers, located across the USA from New York to Los Angeles, are veterans of the creative and entertainment industries.