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Synonyms for brainstorm

a sudden exciting thought

Synonyms for brainstorm

the clear (and often sudden) understanding of a complex situation

try to solve a problem by thinking intensely about it

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San Francisco-based pub-quiz service provider Brainstormer hosts three seasons of competition each year in the Greater Bay area.
Consultant, brainstormer and avid wine evaluator, it's easy to tell that Hinkle, the author of six wine books [he also contributed the California, Oregon and Washington chapters to the Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine], has a particular love for Pinot noir.
I consider myself a good brainstormer but only a fair facilitator.
She will run agency operations and focus on client service and agency growth, and will act as a senior strategist and resident brainstormer on key accounts.
Editorial consultant, copywriter and ad campaign brainstormer, Hinkle wrote the California, Oregon and Washington chapters for the Larousse Encyclopedia of Wine.
The Britannica BrainStormer interactive tool for discovering new ideas and relationships between topics
Canyon has won the contest three times - last year, 1996 and 1988, while Saugus High took home the Brainstormer Cup in 1991 and 1989.
Ana, and brainstormers J-Mee Katanyag and Jonathan Cruz.
Using a more structured process can keep brainstormers on task and ensure that the ideas that emerge are useful.
The bizarre brainstormers have been revealed after the hotel chain probed its staff on their most unusual requests.
According to the survey findings, there is a major shift in priorities for the world's biggest brainstormers.
Ages and Ages plays the middle slot, and a band called Brainstormers opens at 9:30 p.
REDCAT doesn't see its patrons merely as individuals who have purchased a seat for the night; rather, they are welcomed as community members, partners and fellow brainstormers who are helping to craft a new aesthetic sensibility.
For instance, in brainstorming sessions, good brainstormers build on other people's ideas.
There is a real hope among the brainstormers in the ministry that when combined with parallel measures to improve public transport, more people will be convinced to hop on the bus.