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Synonyms for implant

Synonyms for implant

to fix (an idea, for example) in someone's mind by reemphasis and repetition

Synonyms for implant

fix or set securely or deeply

become attached to and embedded in the uterus

Related Words

put firmly in the mind

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Cochlear implant failure: Is an auditory brainstem implant the answer?
The auditory brainstem implant procedure is said to be the only effective sensory prosthetic for direct brain stimulation in cases that do not benefit from traditional methods like hearing aids or cochlear implants (CI).
Natalie, a psychology teacher at Nunthorpe School, said: "The brainstem implant will bypass all of this to enable him to access the hearing world.
Supplementing the 1200 images within the book are 15 outstanding videos available on Thieme's MediaCenter demonstrating the implantation of the different cochlear implantation devices that are currently available and the application of brainstem implants in these situations: tumor removal, malformation (missing auditory nerve in children), and cochlear ossification.
Their topics include the surgical anatomy of the cerebellopontine angle, nerve monitoring for cerebellopontine angle surgery, vestibular neurotomy by minimally invasive retrosigmoid approach, hearing preservation surgery for acoustic neuroma, and auditory brainstem implants.
These pertain to intraoperative monitoring of the facial and cochlear nerves, and consideration of implications for surgery and follow-up introduced by new devices such as cochlear and brainstem implants that allow deaf patients to regain hearing.
He discusses disorders of the ear and auditory nervous system, including hearing impairment and those caused by hyperactivity of the brain, especially tinnitus; the role of neural plasticity; cochlear and brainstem implants and their physiological basis; prevention of hearing loss; and practical and legal aspects of hearing conservation.
It covers topics ranging from auditory brainstem implants to vestibular schwannoma, providing readers with a comprehensive overview of surgical procedures and techniques used to treat a variety of skull base diseases.
Hearing aids, bilateral implants, and auditory brainstem implants are also addressed in individual chapters.
These include cochlear implants, with information on their history, uses in children and adults, surgery, hearing preservation, rehabilitation, imaging, uses in single-sided deafness, auditory brainstem implants, and music perception, reading, and language outcomes, as well as osseointegrated hearing devices, various middle ear implant systems, and establishing hearing implant programs in low-resource settings.
It is hoped three-year-old Calum Geary will hear his first sounds today after doctors activate auditory brainstem implants inserted to help him hear.
Editor Leondes (engineering, UCLA) has gathered the latest research in the field to present such topics as modeling techniques for liver tissue properties, biomechanical modeling of the brain for intra-surgical displacement estimation and auditory brainstem implants. This volume is part of a four-volume series (each sold separately), with other entries covering cardiovascular systems, muscular skeletal systems and computational methods.
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