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an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government

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Family flowers only, all donations on the day will go to Ian's chosen charity, Brains Trust.
She began fundraising for Brains Trust two years ago with a sponsored "Wear Grey For A Day", which was also complimented by a brain-shaped cake.
"The Brains Trust marries quite well with head shaving.
If there are lessons to be learned from brilliant people, though, why aren't more beating a path to the door of the brains trust that have turned Durham into a genuine sporting powerhouse in a few short years?
"Let's face it, with Gordon, Mark McGhee and Stuart McCall it's as close as you can get to a Brains Trust of Scottish football.
SIR - How can Roger Lewis, full-time and full-paid [PS337,000] WRU CEO, head up a regional brains trust for an South East Wales city area, and manage to have a sound-bitten opinion on one and be silent on the other particularly when the other is littered with star players moving away and much unfinished business on Mr Lewis's desk: the Millennium Stadium's disgraceful pitch ...
Indeed, the Red and Black Brains Trust, Kevin Maggs and Dave Hilton, are as Bristolian as they come with Moseley's training sessions sounding more like they are being conducted on Horfield Common than Billesley Common.
Some patients can have treatment substitutions, so we convened a virtual ad hoc committee of the brains trust of the Society.
The U26 senior debate, judged by Simon Kane, Mold, was won by members of the Betws yn Rhos club Overall winners were Betws yn Rhos YFC ABOVE: Alan Gardner, of Flintshire FUW, presents a sponsors' cheque to county officials Caroline Dawson and Ellen Pierce RIGHT, TOP: Whitford YFC won the U16 speaking contest, judged by Ellen Williams, Wrexham RIGHT, BELOW: Whitford also won the U14 reading competition, judged by Ruth Davies, Llangollen The Intermediate Brains Trust (U21) trophy, judged by Peter Ryder, Ruthin, was awarded to Betws yn Rhos YFC's team
Meanwhile, in other news, I see Simon Cowell has been sitting down with his trusted advisors - his secret "brains trust" - to discuss the changes he's going to make to American X Factor.
"It's not exactly the brains trust who field around the stumps!
Acquire our own "brains trust" to do the necessary research and to help develop strategies.
A member of the former BBC Brains Trust (C.E.M Joad) used to reply to every question with, "It all depends what you mean by X." I could reply that it all depends on what you mean by "structure" and "same." Anglo-Saxon observers often underestimate how long EU changes take; but they also underestimate the extent to which European governments eventually follow preannounced schedules and decisions, if only because they are too exhausted with paperwork to do anything else.
A later citation claims that the term (as 'brains trust') was 'originally used by James Kieran in the campaign of 1932'.