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an inner circle of unofficial advisors to the head of a government

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She began fundraising for Brains Trust two years ago with a sponsored "Wear Grey For A Day", which was also complimented by a brain-shaped cake.
The Brains Trust afternoon tea on Friday, February 26, is free for all and donations will be accepted on the day.
In an age when the loud, brash and essentially vacuous soundbite is preferred to considered, intelligent debate, there is little room for a programme like The Brains Trust.
The boys of the Central YMCA held a sports Brains Trust with well-known amateur and professional sportsmen forming a panel.
To truly reflect the juggernaut that poker has become, 'The Poker Power 20' includes the companies, the brains trusts and the innovators that have aided poker's phenomenal commercial success," said Bluff Editor, Michael Caselli.