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Visions of the miles of cable you'll need to wire every building on campus writhe and slither through your brainpan.
Series 7,'' a dead-on satire of reality TV game shows, has been percolating in writer-director Daniel Minahan's brainpan since the mid-1990s.
It's not a sign of the unhinging of a wobbly brainpan to predict material modifications in brewers territorial exclusivity policies and contract provisions.
Hopper has fun moving away from his now-standard villainy, limning a small-town boob whose badge is bigger than his brainpan.
The petrified horns of St David's oxen were kept in Llanddewibrefi's church, Cardiganshire; St Degan's tunic could be seen at a farmhouse in Llanwnda parish, Pembrokeshire, where innumerable stories about the saint were told; nearby the brainpan of St Teilo was used as a cup by devotees of his ho y well at Llandeilo.
The effect is to cast an ephemeral, shifting sonic landscape directly against the brainpan -- thereby suggesting a smirking antidote to both the image-saturation of pop cultural production and the image-obsession of contemporary visual art.
Hou establishes a surprisingly Wongish vibe, with the patterned glamour of Shu Qi's retro outfits, those Bakelite-looking pool balls, and the pop nostalgia of a music track that switch hits between "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes" by the Platters and a persistently repeated "Rain and Tears" by Aphrodite's Child (a Baroque-pop classic improbably based on Pachelbel's Canon that will surely lodge in your brainpan, if not your iPod, after its second insidious iteration).