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This phrase suggests that the pathways and habits of the brain are projected outwards from the human brainpan on to the world, through imagination, invention, and rationalization.
His supporting cast is full of eccentrics: Randy who needs his brainpan "hosed out"; Sandy, the former soldier and local entertainer; the beautiful and intelligent Gerty; even Russian spy Igor Gouzenko makes an appearance.
Visions of the miles of cable you'll need to wire every building on campus writhe and slither through your brainpan. Not to mention the number of holes you'll need to drill.
It's not a sign of the unhinging of a wobbly brainpan to predict material modifications in brewers territorial exclusivity policies and contract provisions.
The petrified horns of St David's oxen were kept in Llanddewibrefi's church, Cardiganshire; St Degan's tunic could be seen at a farmhouse in Llanwnda parish, Pembrokeshire, where innumerable stories about the saint were told; nearby the brainpan of St Teilo was used as a cup by devotees of his ho y well at Llandeilo.(60) These relics were, to say the least, of obscure provenance, but they coexisted with several pre-Reformation images of undoubted authenticity (and intriguing histories) which may have been reinstated in their churches in the eighteenth century.
Why go to a show when new "sophisticated network navigation software" will beam low-budget entertainment directly into your brainpan? And, as long as you're up, send his last regards to Wall Street, too.
The set saw the Beirut reprise of Alan Bishop (acoustic guitar, voice and tenor sax) and Sam Shalabi (hollow bodied electric guitar), whose trio performance with a keyboardist named Tony at the 2012 edition of Irtijal (Beirut's experimental music festival) still rattles amusingly though a brainpan or three.