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Synonyms for brainless

Synonyms for brainless

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

Synonyms for brainless

not using intelligence


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The attachment to the idea of attainable objective "truth" on the part of American journalism is partially responsible for its frequent brainlessness.
In her study of New England court clerks, Barbara Yngvesson (1988, 444) observed that preliminary hearings "became arenas where particular notions of order are articulated and reinforced: concepts of the good neighbor, the responsible parent, or the brainless `down-street' person; ideas about vicious and everyday behavior; and beliefs about the kinds of settings where brainlessness, threats, and other behavior are tolerated by the court.
Most of us were outraged by what we took to be the brainlessness of the judge or case-worker or lawyer--not to mention the birth parents--who made misery of these children's lives.
He felt he had so much insight now into his essential brainlessness that he was really quite smart about that" (201-2).
However, an anticapitalist stance is no evidence of brainlessness.
Unless managers tackle a culture which sees red-carded players given "hard luck, son" handshakes from the bench and hero worship from the terraces, they will continue to suffer gamechanging moments of brainlessness.
The genre won't go away; just that kitschy brainlessness will have to be packaged stylishly.
The Al-Badr assailants killed most of them just two days ahead of Pakistani defeat visibly to expose the newly emerged Bangladesh to a state of brainlessness.
EARLIER this week I heard former Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend bravely cohosting a radio phone-in which was truly compelling in its brainlessness.
But with one of Hollywood's most acclaimed directors at the helm, a cast boasting Oscar-winners and knights of the realm,and a storyline based on a novel that has become a publishing phenomenon, it would have taken serious brainlessness to turn such exceptional ingredients into anything less than a feast.
1986): Mindlessness and brainlessness in psychiatry.
But fundamentalisms are at heart authoritarian, and worse, encourage the brainlessness of the obedient foot soldier.
The brainlessness of the novel, the false premises, the lame conclusion, are, I think predictably, reflected in the absence of art, of rhetoric, of style.
None of these writers believes that the media are blameless in the gutting of democracy, but neither do they blame all, or most, of the brainlessness of politics on the shrinking soundbite.
Boss unpretentiously announces its brainlessness from the word go.