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Synonyms for brainless

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Synonyms for brainless

displaying a complete lack of forethought and good sense

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Synonyms for brainless

not using intelligence


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the while In the MCTOMINAY United goals so bespoke was ill-minutes, down and, Paul Pogba, feckless for the majority, brainlessly forgot to take the ball with him 10 minutes from time
Ted Wragg, emeritus professor of education at Exeter University, said some of the 117 tick-box judgements they required teachers to make were 'ludicrous' and 'brainlessly vague'.
Another pleasant surprise is the performance of Lauren Williams as Philia, the brainlessly coy courtesan-in-waiting.
The American presence in Bolivia is less brainlessly imperial than Ambassador Rocha made it seem.
Sourav Ganguly Batted brainlessly in the final but still managed 465 runs
If I can get superior products at a good price, brainlessly, Amazon wants to be there.
But in fact fabliau women speak not so much brainlessly as subversively.
Without it Loyalist fighters too easily slide into gangsterism, brainlessly copying only the symptoms of a consciousness bred into the very blood of Republicans.
A woeful 90-minute display at the Cardiff City Stadium - during which Kenedy was fortunate to escape a red card for brainlessly kicking out at midfielder Victor Camarasa - was typified by a dreadful penalty miss during injury-time.
Both sets of players -- and the fans -- got agitated by Probert's refereeing and it spilled out when Chris Maguire brainlessly stamped on his marker after an injury-time tackle.
Just on the break the Kiwi fly-half brainlessly tried to ship the ball out to Ugo Monye just 10 yards out when the only real option was to boot it into the stands.
Boss Javier Clemente's relegationhaunted side had given as good as they got and, when Sergio Ramos brainlessly handled inside the box, there was only going to be one outcome.
It's the bane of every manager's life that players too often behave brainlessly when the consequences of error are so high.
But that is the least of the reasons why bidding to stage the Games is possibly the most brainlessly ill-conceived idea the sporting community in this country has ever hit upon.
Captain Hughes then brainlessly lifted the ball straight to Emburey, who had been placed deep in the leg side field by Brearley in case of just such an aberration - 29 for three.